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So are you bored to death with my Pineapple blocks.  I’m wishing I had more to write about…but bored with the Pineapple Crazy blocks…NEVER!!

This week I upped the anti and tried to get more than my required 7 blocks done…so I ended up with 9 blocks.  I know for those of you who haven’t done these are thinking “whoopie”.  For me those extra 2 blocks meant a few mornings up earlier than I like to be awake.

Next week I have a goal to get 10 done.  I love this quilt and love the blocks.  I’m really enjoying making them but man oh man this is a LONG time to spend making just one quilt.

Over the weekend I also had a goal to unpack and get two boxes out of the sewing room.  I am happy to report that the goal was met and even exceeded.  I got two boxes out and got a good dose of reorganizing done too.  I can say I would REALLY love a day off with not much to do except tackle that sewing room but that’s not happening anytime soon.

That’s okay.  I have my sewing space in the laundry room and at this point, I’m pretty content with that.

With the awesome box of scraps that I got from Regina I was able to cut scraps to replenish some of the drawers (read about how I organize to make these blocks here) with the pieces for my Pineapple Crazy blocks…THANKS Regina.  Next weeks blocks will be filled goodies from you scraps.

I’ve had several people asking some questions about these blocks.  I hope to answer them in the near future.  If you have one make sure to leave a comment here and I’ll try to answer them all in one post.

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10 thoughts on “What I’m Working On..”

  1. There’s nothing wrong with taking a longer time to piece a quilt. It is going to be beautiful when it is completed. I’ve never tried a pineapple but it is on the list for someday.

    I’m not aware of anyone handing out prizes for making “fast” quilts but then maybe I’m too slow of a piecer.

  2. I have a couple of questions, firstly, what size are your finished blocks?
    Do you use foundation or lined pattern under the strips to paper piece them.
    What size are your strips, width size
    Thanks for any information – I find them really pretty and a great way to use scraps for a stunning quilt.

  3. Hi Jo
    I see my main question has already been asked which is how big are those blocks.
    Also wondering what size quilt you are making and how many blocks you need to have to finish it.
    They look great and I like to see them progressing.
    The house looks great too!
    It’s been fun watching the rebuilding of your dream house.
    It has certainly come along way.

  4. Oh /I find watching your progress on this pineapple quilt great fun! not boring at all–I love those polka dotty fabrics popping up now and again! this is going to be a spectacular quilt. hugs, Julierose

  5. Boring? uh, no way. Like Laura said, I’m cheering you on since I will probably never attempt this quilt. I love seeing the completed blocks (your progress). Go, Jo, GO!

  6. Sounds like this is the only quilting you’re working on at the moment. I’m glad you don’t find it boring, repetitive, etc. Got a question about them, though. Do you do two at a time, using each as a Leader Ender for the other?

  7. Keep plugging Jo. Mine is just now becoming a top after off/on for MANY MONTHS of working all day long (am retired) I have one more row to sew on and all the triangle border blocks made. MAYBE a top today. Thank goodness for Janome thread cutter. My husband is tired of me running into the sewing room for “just a few rounds” before church/trips and he has to “wand” me with a sticky roller for threads everywhere before we get in the car. Now a BIGGER problem. Only a DSM machine and ??????

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