What I’m Working On…

Well you all know I am working on unpacking.  Will it ever end??

After being in the house for seven days I finally just stopped everything and got my shower put together.  No worries…I have been showering but not in “my” shower spot.  Right away we put Hubby’s shower together in the basement.  It’s a real no frills spot with cinder block walls and cement floors but it works WONDERFUL for a dirty farmer.

We don’t have all of the curtains up and the curtains that are up are more of a decoration thing than a privacy thing.  The first day I streaked through the house to the upper floor with a towel on.  The next day I brought my clothes with me and changed in the basement but that wasn’t fun either.

What had prevented me from showering in “my” shower spot (the upstairs bathroom) was my shower curtains.  I bought them at the thrift store about six months ago.  I had been talking to Kelli lamenting that we were using the claw foot tub with an adaptive shower for the upstairs bathroom.  That meant that I had to buy two shower curtains.  Kelli had been explaining how expensive the shower curtain that she had just purchased was…I told her that I had to buy TWO so she should stop complaining.

The very next time I was thrifting, I found two matching shower curtains with a matching curtain for $5.  Well I snapped that up.  What an amazing deal!!  I then bought a couple shower liners and thought I was good to go.  Well…I wasn’t.  The curtains were too long but I didn’t know that until I hung them.  See too long.


I only had one on.  I didn’t put the other one on when I saw that they were too long.  I didn’t have the sewing machine set up then so that’s what lead a few days of showering in the basement.  Fast forward to Friday.  I decided enough was enough.  I took the curtain off the rod but left the hooks and liner on it and chopped it off.


I ironed up the edges and sewed the hem.  I hung it too check the length and was happy so I did the other one.

All of this happened while in my pj’s.  Then, I took a shower in “my shower” space only to realize that UGH.  I’d have to still do my hair downstairs because we don’t have a mirror over the bathroom sink yet.  Oh, little by little.

So that’s the latest of what I’m working on…I do have to say I was happy to touch a sewing machine even if it was only to hem the shower curtain!!

Today I am hooking up with Patchwork Times.

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