What I’m Working On….

On Thursday night I put that last stitches in Clue #3…so I am still with the program and haven’t fallen behind yet.


I got up early on Friday morning.  I wanted to see the clue for the mystery and start cutting.  I knew the kids would be home this weekend for family Christmas so I’d likely not get much done on the clue.  At least if I started cutting it out there was a chance I wouldn’t get really far behind.

Then I saw that the clue was easy to cut out and in my allotted time, I got the entire clue cut out…that was a good thing.

But when I saw it…I groaned…and it wasn’t a little groan.  UGH, UGH and more UGH.  When I saw the clue I immediately knew that there will be many moments with a seam ripper in my future.  I am notorious for twisting blocks.  I do it all the time….I did it with Easy Street #1.  I did it with Easy Street #2 and with Celtic Solstice.  The Easy Street errors where ripped out..the Celtic Solstice errors were just left in place.

Having the units of this clue similar with the units of clue one will likely do me in….but I’m going to be a trouper about it and trudge along.  Well being I know it, maybe I can work hard to prevent it from happening too many times.

So that’s where I’m at…Clue #4 is all cut out.


I’ll sneak in some time here and there before Christmas then on actual Christmas day it’s very low key here with nothing special happening so in the evening I’ll likely finish up the clue just in time for the next clue to come out.

I’m still working on my bonus triangle quilt make from the Clue #2 bonus triangles….I have two of the three types of blocks finished.  The third type of block is almost finished too.


That’s all that’s happening on the quilting front here…on the remodeling front..you’ll have to stop back later to hear about that.

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9 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. Me too, on the twisted blocks. I’ve found I have to keep a visual reference and lay them in stacks exactly how they go together.

  2. Congrats for keeping up & blogging!! I am BEHIND, sewing and on the blog, but that’s ok. Missed a whole weekend of sewing. Had to get the Christmas tree up. I have a basket of bonus triangles from clue 2 that need pressed, but I think they will keep. I still need to stitch the double diamonds together; and remake 4 that somehow were too short. They are all pinned and ready to sit down at the sewing machine.

  3. Are you following the blog A Stitch in Time? Not that you really have time, but she’s doing the challenge to, and they way she has her blocks arranged makes it look easier to keep straight which block goes which way. Not that you have time to read blogs, but you might want to go check it out and save yourself some ripping time. cdahlgren at live dot com

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