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Well if you didn’t see my earlier blog post, the news is..I caved to the mystery pressure.  I originally thought I might go with Bonnie’s colors but then ended up going with Civil War Reproductions (mostly) instead…so far, I’m glad I did.

Clue one isn’t finished.  I am far enough along that I can see I’ll be done by the time the next clue comes out.  There are 46 blocks in the stack.  The other blocks are half finished and my extra half square triangles just need to be ironed.

That shouldn’t take long…just time.

I really don’t want to fall behind if I can help it as I know life is just going to get crazier and crazier here as we continue with the remodel and then hopefully move.

Every day I pack a box or or sort and toss stuff…that’s taking up quite a lot of time but I also managed to get this gem to the quilting machine!

All you with eagle eyes…yes, I know that a few blocks are twisted and I know my block is different than the original pattern.  I don’t care!!  At this point, done is done.

I am scrambling hoping to get this all finished for Wednesday when I host the “Bonnie UFO Challenge”.  If you don’t  know or haven’t heard about it, each fall in October I host a challenge to finish up a Bonnie Hunter pattern that has fallen into UFO status before the new mystery comes out.  Stop back on Wednesday to see how everyone has done.

Today I am hooking up with Quiltville and with Patchwork Times.

10 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Moving during the Mystery puts a bit of a kink in the Stitching plans. I love your Celtic Solstice on the frame! I have a lot of Mystery Clue 1 blocks to get made before mext week. What pattern will you quilt on your 2013 Mystery?

  2. I love your CS. You do a fantastic job on all your quilts, any critiques should be kept to one’s self. Thanks for sharing all you do in your busy life:)

  3. I still haven’t figured out what you did different, even after studying your blocks for weeks now. It is such a busy pattern that any errors get overwhelmed. It is a wonder that you have found any time for sewing with the house remodel. So glad you are along for the mystery.

  4. Love your fabric choices. I am using 1800’s reproduction prints too in mine and also did for my Celtic Solstice quilt. I changed my colors up a bit too. I like your Celtic Solstice quilt. Have a great day! Glad you joined in, I enjoy your blog.

  5. Looks great to me! I love your quilts. Looking forward to seeing how you use the civil war fabrics in this quilt.

    Take care.

  6. I would not have known you mixed any blocks up if you didn’t say you did, it looks wonderful! I have not done a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt yet, but I am very tempted. Everybody is doing it, it seems! To make you feel better, google ‘celtic solstice’ and there are a lot of quilts with mistakes I guess – since so many have different variations of layout, expecially with that pinwheel block – most are like your block, some have the chevrons pointed the other direction and some have some of each. They all look great though! :)

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