What I’m Working On…

Remember my spool quilt??

It’s been patiently waiting for some attention.  It needs a four patch border that involves lots of four patches.

While it’s been waiting, I’ve been sewing some strips together as my leader and enders.  I’ve been stock piling them sewn segments.  It seems like I have quite a few so I’m ready to start cutting and tackle that border.

Lately all my sewing time has been so fragmented with me grabbing a moment here or a moment there.  I am thankful for those moments that I am getting though.  It’s about all that is keep me sane.

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1 thought on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Hang in there, I know things are wild now but just think how much fun it will be in your new home with your loving family around to make mom smile.

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