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Okay..I admit it.  I quit the leader and ender method on my lozenges quilt.  It’s not done yet but it’s close.

I have 13 rows on.  I have a few other deadline project that I’m working on so I made a pact with myself.  If I get my “jobs” list done every day, I can add another row on the quilt.  The last time you saw this is was only 6 rows together.

That means I have 7 more rows on…and I’ve been a good girl tackling my to-do list each day with the reward of adding a row before bedtime.

I’ll admit, when I started this quilt I wasn’t in love.  I liked it but didn’t love it.  I needed a leader and ender project though so I figured I could use up some fabric I didn’t like anymore and gift the quilt when I was finished.  My attitude has changed.  I’m really liking the quilt now.

I did a little more sewing..I can’t show you much except this…

They are a fun block but have been greatly working on my sense of direction.  I’ll admit, I’ve had to rip out about 5 or is that number closer to 10.  UGH.  I am sorely directionally challenged.  Anybody else directionally challenged?  Kelli makes fun of me all the time for it.

Besides all this…I have quilts waiting to be quilted.  It seems the pile grows rather than recedes.

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  1. i love your lozenge quilt – maybe I will get back to mine. sigh.. I didn’t like it either but yours is inspiring

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