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I’ve been a busy gal juggling all the things happening around here.  Last week we sent out a magazine quilt.  We put together a free project.  We did lots of work on the book.  We also started working on a new big project.

In between it all I’ve started a new quilt but while I sew on that…I’ve been sewing a few of my lozenges blocks too.  I am making some progress at getting them together.

Mine is 30 wide and so far, 6 rows together.  I have a couple more rows started so it’s destine to grow.  My plans is to make it 90″ x 90″ or so.  That would make me about 1/3 of the way done.  That’s pretty good.

I always love projects that seem to come together on their own.  I have never sat down and worked a whole day on this.  For the most part, it’s been leader and ender style but occasionally there are evenings that I just need a little therapy sewing and end up sewing on it for 20 minutes.

The project all started with Bonnie Hunter’s Lozenges Leader and Ender Challenge.  If you are looking for a pattern or more info on that, you can find it here.

I have to admit, I am very tempted to just start working on this full and getting done with it.  I seem to have that problem with leader and ender projects.  I go along great having them for leaders and enders and then I just throw in the towel and it becomes my main project.  That’s okay though…I’m happy with a finished quilt no matter how it comes about.

I am starting to try to think of what might be my next leader and ender project….What are all of you working on??

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11 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. I am working on Anne Wiens Thrifty Quilter system. Have many pieces cut, Lots of sampler blocks made and a couple of quilt tops almost ready for quilting. I can be sooo tempting to jump in and just sew all day, as I did at a retreat…..That’s it I need another retreat!

  2. I’ve been trying to decide the same thing. I’m almost done with all 182 blocks of the split nine-patch leader ender so that is about done and I need another. I’m really leaning towards a simple 36-patch block and use up a bunch of scrap squares but not too sure.

  3. I didn’t start the lozenge quilt, but yours looks great! I’m working on two customer quilts that I just want done and out of here!!

  4. Jo –Glad to see the lozenges project. Working on mine also very slow going for me. Looking at yours now I really want to just sew lozenges. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love your lozenge quilt. I’m a real sucker for the old-fashioned look. If you don’t know what to make for your next leader/ender project you could always just sew 4-patches out of 2″ or 2 1/2″ squares and decide later what to make them into.

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