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Sewing here has stopped.  Not forever..but I am taking an eight hour or how ever long of a break from the sewing machine until I can find my sewing room again.

It’s awful.  I’ve had to do this many-many-many times but this time, it’s WAY overboard.  I think this is the worst ever.


There is stuff..and stuff and stuff.  Much of it is just stuff that hasn’t been put away from finished projects.  See my lozenges there…I’ve made progress on them but that is stopping until I can find a place to sit and a place where I can cut something out at.


I’ve warned you all before, this is an honest blog…with real life photos.  WHAT A MESS!!  I have fabric and things in boxes…I admit, I kind of started packing but then needed something out of the box and then started digging through the box.  UGH.  UGH.  UGH.

I probably should be embarrassed but I’m not.  This is what happens when we are busy and have lots of projects going in and out of a small space.

My sewing room is really small.  We live in a farm house.  They took a downstairs room that was 12 x 14 then took a big chunk out of it and made a small bathroom.  The rest of the room is my sewing room.  It makes my sewing room “L” shaped and really small.  I could really use the new sewing room I am getting at the new house.  That 20′ x 14′ sewing room is going to be a dream come true.  My long arm and all my stuff in one room…hallelujah.

But I’m still here and still have work to do so I guess I’ll be needing to clean this up and unfortunately, it just doesn’t clean itself.

To see what people who have a clean sewing rooms are up to, check out Patchwork Times.

11 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. One can straighten up, but the creative process always seems to leave a mess! I’m in your same boat girlfriend. I think more space would help. The built in cabinets must help.

    Sometimes we need to reevaluate how we work, what we have to store, and how to put things away while being able to find them again. It’s work! Leeanna at not afraid of color lapaylor.blogspot.com (with pics of my messy studio)

  2. I know the feeling.
    Just a thought, while cleaning up a bit, why not bring in a few boxes and fill them with books and things that you won’t need til in the new house.

  3. Ugh, I so understand!! I need to move some large bookcases from my quilting room to the living room, but have to move out a large chair (to say nothing of the couch that is upright on one end and 2 recliners that have to find a new home) before I can get help to get them down stairs…but I’ve already moved 3 smaller bookcases up to the quilting room…so they are quite in the way, but where to put them!! I just turn my back on them and dance with my longarm!!!

  4. Oh…………………..I am in the same boat….after I clean some windows and bring houseplants in , I have to clean my sewing mess—I need to get out of my sunroom, but I room upstairs I could use is small….where is HGTV when you need them….please come to Minnesota…..

  5. Thanks for keeping it real – my sewing room is super small – only 8×10 so it can get messy if I don’t keep after it. Since it’s so small I do have my cutting table in the foyer outside my sewing room. I see you have Hot Cross hanging on your wall. I have it hanging over my cutting table. It looks like we even used similar fabrics!

  6. I love that you are so real! Hope you get a handle on your cleaning. My sewing room is a disaster and you have given me a punch in the gut to get started. Thanks.

  7. Thanks for being real. My closet size studio (my son named my sewing room) is a disaster and it will take more than 8 hours to clear it out. Months ago I moved a small table into an alcove off my studio to set the sewing machine on in order to finish a couple of deadline projects and have been sewing there since. After I finish a couple more projects I’ll start clearing out the studio. Oh, who am I kidding? Then it will be time to get ready for Christmas!

  8. a space as big as what you have now would be a dream come true for me! My sewing space is in my bedroom. A space like you are going to have would be just amazing! I love watching your house project unfold, can’t wait to see you finally able to move in!

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