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What I’m working one this week…trying to keep my head above water.  Ever feel that way??  I sure do this week.  I’ll give you a little run down.  First off..Kalissa is doing nursing clinicals an hour away and won’t get back until later in the day.  Leaving Betsy that long in the kennel just isn’t the best idea so I am  puppy sitting….we’re used to it but I am also used to having a break now and then to catch up.  Not for the next five weeks though.

The new house is always it’s own beast…I won’t even start there.  Well I will say this.  I was feeling really good about it all then the walls started going up.  Then the carpenter told me it was my last chance to make any changes….oh my, this is all set in stone.  So guess what I did…

Yep…you guessed it.  I pulled the plans back out and looked and looked and decided that I think I’m happy with the changes then listened to everyone’s advice that was running through my head and just cried.  Then I decided that I was over tired and needed sleep….woke up the next day and decided that I think I’ll just live with it.  I’ve lived in MUCH worse and no matter what I do, when we are done, I’m going to wish something was a bit different.  In a perfect world if I had more money to throw at this, there would be a few changes but all in all I like this and going with it…I just wish it was over.

If you follow us on Facebook you probably saw that Kelli was home over the weekend and we worked on rewrites for the book.  We even took a photo of ourselves.

Photo: Pattern rewrite sillys.  WE CAN ONLY DO THIS SO LONG BEFORE THE CRAZIES SET IN!!! #joscountryjunction   #workhardplayhard  #mystars

This was about six patterns rewrites into the craziness.  We now have 8 pattern rewrites done..that means six more to go!!  We’re really getting a full dose of hard work with the book for the next couple weeks.  Thursday Kelli and I are delivering (road tripping) the quilts to the folks at Kansas City Star.  We’re also hanging around for the photo shoot on Friday.  Along the way we are treating ourselves with a stop at Missouri Star Quilt Company….sounds fun RIGHT??? ..and I think we’re going to try to find a cross stitch place for Kelli.  I am really excited for this…but there’s always a little extra work that goes into the few days before leaving…like writing a couple blog posts in advance….

But fabric wise what am I working on??..I have a quilt on the machine that is destine to become on of our first offerings as a pattern.  We are excited about it.  We are actually putting two quilts in one pattern and quilt number two is waiting in the wings for it’s turn on the machine.  Sorry, no previews of that yet.

I am doing all I can to stay sane through it all and honestly 15 minutes at the sewing machine before bed at night has been good for me.  I pulled out the lozenges blocks and have started assembling them.  This is the perfect sanity project…just blocks going through and through and no really thinking needed.

At this point…right now today…I need something that doesn’t involve thinking and something that restores a little sanity in my life.

So that’s what I’m working on…to see what others are working on, check out Patchwork Times.

3 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. The colours of those lozenges are so rich.

    How exciting to get to Kansas City Star, and I’m sure any excuse to go to MSQ would be welcome!

    Have fun.

  2. This post got me thinking…have you and Kelli ever been to The BackStitch in Elkader? I haven’t been there since they moved to their current location (they used to be above the grocery store), but it’s an awesome quilt AND cross stitch store. My sister lives near there but it’s been several years since I visited. I know you will be heading in the opposite direction for your next trip, so have a great time and enjoy being two authors in the limelight! :-)

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