What I’m Working On….

I have several irons in the fire as far as what I’m working on….  If you follow us on Facebook or on Instagram you likely saw that I was working on this on Saturday.

Photo: I'm working on a free pattern!  #joscountryjunction #quilting #patchwork

I am also working on another wedding quilt.  I had 11 blocks left over from the previous two wedding quilts I made this summer so I decided to be generic and make another one similar to the others.  I have been sewing the blocks in between other projects as my leader and ender.  So far I am up to 35 blocks.  I keep plugging away.  The wedding is in about 5 weeks so I am going to need to get serious about it pretty soon.


I pulled fabric for another project that will be in an upcoming publication….It isn’t a big project but I think it will be fun.


It is different colors from what we normally use.  I like to go out of the box a little bit.

Stay tuned and we’ll share there finished projects as time allows.

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  1. Your project is a lot further along than mine. Mine is just cut out. I know it won’t take me long to put it together but I got side tracked yesterday! Imagine that!!! Oh well, Halloween is further away than your wedding. lol

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