What I’m Working On….

There’s lots of irons in my fire as far as things we’re working on.

Friday and Saturday Kelli came over and we sat down and pow-wowed.  Since getting everything in for the book we finished up a few different projects and then seemed to flounder a bit.  We did a couple other deadline projects…we finished up a few odds and ends projects each of us had but we both felt very unfocused.  Having a strategy meeting was just what we needed.

It seems that I have become prolific with designing quilts.  We had a stack of about 25-30 designs that I had all done in the last 4 months or so.  We printed them and then we started sorting them…..

We put some on hold..those were the designs that needed work or a different border.  We put some in a pile that we hope to sew up and offer as free patterns.  We put some in a pile that we’d like to make up and give single pattern making a try.  We put some in a pile with hopes of starting another book.  There are so many decisions to make and directions to go.

By the end of the session we each had a to do list….we each felt a little more focused.  Mainly we each found a new appreciation for the other.  There are so many things that I don’t care to do that Kelli takes care of.  There are lots of things that I do that Kelli doesn’t care to do.  We make a good team.

I am off to work on my to do list.  Thankfully there is some sewing involved in it….Oh and just for curiosity…What do you prefer that designers offer individual patterns or quilting books??

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13 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. Books are great, but sometimes it is nice to be able to just buy the one pattern. I buy lots of books(crazy habit) and a lot of them have only 1 or 2 patterns that speak to me. That is when I wish I could just buy individual patterns.

  2. I will buy a book if there is a lot of variety in the patterns. But if each quilt is just a different iteration of a single technique, I skip it. As a teacher, I avoid quilts from books because it’s hard to expect the student to pay for an expensive book on top of class fees.

  3. If I love the designer, I would rather have a book. I seem to reference my books more often when I am looking for ideas. Individual patterns are usually more of a impulse buy for me……”ooh something pretty!”

  4. I would not buy a full-priced book in order to get a single pattern, so there would have to be three or more projects I like and then I would purchase it. I’ll pay up to $8 for a single pattern, so if the book is $15-20 or more, I have it to like several things in it to make it worth the price. I’d agree with Libby on wanting a variety of patterns in a book. But single patterns in PDF form are good too!

  5. Not interested any longer in what I call pattern books. There has to be something more, history of quilting, old fabrics, something special. The quilt teacher made a good point, but then the quilt has to be special, lots of different blocks and fabrics. I am beyond “sampler”

    Fact is the two hundred books and two thousand magazines that are on the shelves or piled 7 feet high have plenty of “patterns” for my life time.

    You have mentioned this pattern thing before so it is something you want to do. If you go PDF there will not be the printing out lay and then you can see how it goes. But it needs to be a very special design.

  6. Have to say my mom and I were just talking about this last week. To buy a book for one pattern is just not something neither of us can do anymore too many books accumulate. So we are going to make a rule a book has to have 3 quilts or projects before we consider buying it.

  7. I have to say that I really like both books and individual patterns. I do like the tactile book to flip though but I also like individual patterns, especially PDF patterns for the instant gratification. I’m looking forward to your book and seeing your designs.

  8. I actually buy both single patterns and books. With my favorite designers, I usually buy their books as I find that I like their style in general and their books always offer many projects that I am interested in making. With other designers that I like but don’t necessarily consider to be favorites I buy the single patterns as I find some of them to be hit and miss with their designs.

  9. Single patterns would be my preference. I like books too but usually there is only one or two patterns that I may want to make. I like patterns too because you can usually get instant gratification by being able to download them. Single patterns would probably result in more sales overall in my opinion ;c) Good luck you two!

  10. Truthfully, i will buy a pattern and get the book from the library. Once in a great while if I really like a book and want to make more than one project from it I will purchase it.

  11. I am far more inclined to purchase a book. . .it seems more economical to me. I am limiting myself on quilty purchases, until I get some UFOs finished and/or old books cleared out. I have a hard time letting go of the quilt possibilities, but an even harder time organizing single patterns. Right now, they are in an old wooden crate. You would be right up there with Bonnie for me though, I would buy your book or pattern either way!

  12. I, too, felt unfocused after delivering all my book stuff to the publisher. I’m glad for you that you have each other to brainstorm and collaborate with. Good luck in your endeavors, whether they become individual patterns or another book.

  13. I will buy books or patterns, but I love Martingale that offers both. Single patterns from the book, or if there are many patterns that I like, I will just buy the book. I also love the ebook feature. Easier to print patterns than scanning them and printing them out, as I never use the originals. I write on the copy, so they can be easily recycled to someone else if I choose.

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