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I’ve been working on my lozenges blocks as leaders and enders ever since Bonnie Hunter put out the challenge to make them.  Then once we got the quilts done for the book I would occasionally sew on them at night.  Lately I’ve been sewing on them for 10-15 minutes each night.


With working on the house I don’t get much time to sew and that stinks…but being these were cut and by the machine, I just sneak in a little time here on there while I am waiting for my curling iron to heat up or waiting for Hubby to come in for lunch.

All that time has added up because I counted and I have enough of them.  Ya-hoo!!  They are actually a pretty boring block to sew.  I think they’ll look good all together though.


From my calculations I need 264 with dark in the center and 263 for light in the center.  Alternating blocks that will give me a quilt that is 93″ x 102″…it’s a big one but will completely cover a bed.  Lucky me…I’ll even have a few blocks left over.


Now the blocks are going to sit by the machine and I’ll be leader and ending them together.  This quilt is being sewn together SLOW and STEADY.

If you want to know more about this leader and ender challenge, follow this link.

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7 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Jo–Nice looking basket full of color. Good feeling having this much done right? Cannot wait to see finish project.

  2. Denise Finucane

    Congrats on getting all the lozenges done!! I’ve got my own L/E project going – a scrappy maple leaf from 2″ HSTs and squares. I haven’t counted my pile yet, but the box is nearing full, so I should check that!! It’s always a happy day to finish even a small goal!

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