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Yesterday I told you about a quilt I was working on using all of the neutral (on light) fabric that came to me in a box from Nancy in PA.  Sometime I hate to show what I’m making with what someone gave to me and I think they will want all the fabric back and it’s too late as I have it in a quilt top already.

Anyway…here’s what I was playing with.   Over a year ago (almost two years ago) I made this quilt.  You can find the free pattern here at Moda Bake Shop.

I used a fat quarter bundle to make the quilt.  Most of the fabric was used up but there were lot of odd bit and pieces left over.  See the piece way to the right.  That’s one of the pieces that was left over.  There were pieces in that shape and LOTS of triangles.  Well..if you’ve read my blog for long, you know that many people would throw that away…not me, I saved those little scraps.

There was a gallon ziplock bag of the stuff left over.  I started sewing it all together.

I came up with this block idea but then didn’t know what to do for a background fabric.  I am trying really hard not to buy any fabric but was willing to break the rule so that I could finish this quilt.  I was sewing and sewing hoping to get a few of the pieces sewn together as Kelli was coming.  I was planning on having her help me pick a solid background fabric that would coordinate with the blocks.


Then the mailman came with a box.  In the box were fabric goodies from Nancy in PA.  I looked through the box and there was a pile of light fabrics in the box.  BINGO!!  I would use those and have a mix of colors for the backgrounds.  I loved the idea…plus I wouldn’t find myself at the quilt shop buying fabric.

But then I was in a fix.  I didn’t just want huge chunks of fabric as alternate blocks.  I ended up cutting the light fabrics and made them into low volume nine patch blocks.  Right now…I love it!


I’m still working on the completely design of the whole quilt so I’ll wait just a bit before I show you  the whole thing….so far, I’m really happy with it and can’t believe something so fun to make could come out of a few scraps I saved and fabric someone no longer wanted.

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