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Yesterday I spent much of the day cleaning and organizing but mostly tackling scraps that needed to be cut down and put in the appropriate scrap savers boxes.  While I cut I also cut  pieces for more spool blocks.  A year or more ago making spool blocks was part of Bonnie Hunter’s leader and ender challenge.  Well I made over 300 and quit.  I figured Bonnie would come out with a pattern to use them and I was waiting for the pattern.

Well she did come out with a pattern and I really like it…only problem, it needs over 600 spool blocks.  The pattern is in More Adventures with Leaders and Enders: Make Even More Quilts in Less Time.  That leaves me over 300 spools short.  I didn’t have any more cut so as I trimmed scraps for my scrap saver system, I intentionally cut extra 1 1/2″ strips so that I could cut out more spool blocks.

As you can see from the first picture I actually stopped cleaning and took time to sew a few of the blocks up.  I’m over 60 closer to having them all pieced.

While I was cleaning I also got my stack of lozenges blocks all together and realized that I was about 20 short of having enough of the light center ones.  I had thought they were all done but nope.  I cut a few more of those at the same time and quickly sewed them up too.  I got a few more dark center ones sewn up too.


It’s not a lot of progress but I’ll take any I can get.  Today I am off to the quilting machine.  I have a charity quilt on the frame and am hoping…just a bit that I might tackle one of my own UFOs.  It’s been so long since I finished one…it’s time.  RIGHT??

Today I am hooking up with Patchwork Times.

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  1. LOL – 300 would be enough for me. Bonnie makes such big quilts, I have no trouble reducing them and not feeling guilty. That one will be a stunner. What are the lozenge blocks for? They sure are pretty!

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