What I’m Working On…

I have nothing exciting to show you as to what I’m working on…

Kelli and I have a few things to polish up and then the book is getting sent off.  We can’t wait!!  We had hoped to finish things up last week but alas…it didn’t happen.  Honestly, last week was so crazy here.  All the kids were home except for Kayla so lots of cooking and dishes….oh just stay tuned here at the blog.  I think it will take me days to get you all caught up on everything and already this week is starting out much the same…crazy.

I did manage to finish up sewing the rest of my dark centered lozenges blocks…and even did a couple light centered ones.

As you can see my light ones really aren’t that light.  Once I get farther down into the cut pile they get a little lighter.

I still am not sure where this quilt will be going.  Right now I think it just might be a wedding present.  We have a wedding later this summer and it just might go for that.

I’m up early this morning.  I have Kalissa’s puppy Betsy for a bit of the day, I have to meet the cement guy in town at the new house, pack a field lunch for Hubby, write a pattern or four, quilt a quilt top for a magazine, plant some garden and go teach class tonight.  Yep…I know.  It likely all won’t happen.  Let’s just hope for half and I’ll be happy.  There’s not much time for piecing.

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