What I’m Working On….

I am working on a charity quilt.  Some time ago Dee Dee a blog reader sent a charity quilt top for me to quilt and then pass along to a worthy charity.  The quilt top was really wonderful and I’ve been saving it for a benefit fund raiser.

It just so happens that I follow Dee Dee on Pinterest and see that she is always posting cute little pictures of dachshunds so I took a guess and decided she must be an animal lover. (EDIT**I had two Dee Dee’s mixed up!  But I am assured that dachshunds are in the family though)

When the Humane Society that I work with said they were looking for auction donations for their upcoming fund raiser, I immediately thought of her quilt top.    I sent an email to her asking for permission to use it for the benefit and I got a yes!!  So after I finished up one of my latest deadline quilts, I threw it on the frame and started quilting.


After about four hours at the machine, I had it done.  It is such a pretty quilt and I am sure it will do well at the benefit.


Now I need to bind it and label it and the quilt will be all ready for the benefit on Saturday.

9 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. Well done, I am so excited to see it go for such a good cause. (FYI, wrong Dee Dee – I don’t have dachunds or Pinterest:) but there are a lot of doxie’s in the extended family:)
    I’m the one from MN. I’m just happy this will hopefully help the animals:)

  2. Jo,

    You do so many wonderful things for charity. Do you need any scraps? I have a ton and I think they multiply during the night. I would love to send you some.

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