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In between all my other projects, I’ve been working on lozenges blocks.  Earlier this week I told you that I did the spool challenge only to find I didn’t make nearly enough spools.  Well with lozenges, I think I can figure that out a bit better.

After a little math I figured that I’ll make the quilt 93″ x 102″..yep, I like my quilts big.

To do that with alternating blocks I need 264 with dark background and light corners and 263 with light backgrounds and dark corners.

I had 33 done…I am adding 40 more.  I’ve need to make quite a few more but I’m getting closer ever day.

I got an email from blog reader Sue Lee.  She shared a picture of the quilt that she made with lozenges.    Thanks for sharing your picture Sue!!

Seeing that has really inspired me to keep working one these…although I am tempted to go back and work on the spools..but no.  Lozenges first…concentrate Jo!!

I did make the decision that I am going to do all the ones this color first and the ones with the light back ground second.

To see what others are working on, check out Patchwork Times.

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  1. I too am working on those Lozenges! I am doing every other one white…so that I will have equal amounts of both at the end–I hope! Love your reader’s lozenge quilt too…nothing like some eye candy to keep our eye on the prize!

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