What I’m working on…

Oh my…Time flies.  I thought I would get lots done last week as all the wedding things were done but sadly, that didn’t happen.

I am still working on this…


I am further along but far from done.  UGH.  Sadly, this week doesn’t look real promising either.  I know this afternoon I am going to sew like crazy if possible.  It’s a deadline project and the deadline is SPEEDING my way.

I also have a couple quilt backings that need to be sewn together…


Thursday and Friday I am off to the quilt guild in Muscatine, Iowa.  A trunk show and class are part of our schedule.  That means I best get packing for that too.

Kelli did WONDERFUL though.  She was up early on Saturday…and stayed up until midnight.  She started and finished an entire quilt.  It’s too bad we couldn’t keep that schedule but life jumps in and we have other things to do.  She’s hoping she can finish an additional top this week too.  We both have been trying to do all we can to accomplish LOTS.

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5 thoughts on “What I’m working on…”

  1. Which method do you use to make your flying geese? As sometimes boring as 2 color quilts are to make, they do tend to turn out stunning.

  2. How do you piece your backings? I always just sewed the two pieced together, trying to line up the center seam in the middle of the quilt top. But I saw an older quilt show over the weekend; she said to piece it down each side, so that there is a whole 44″ width down the center of the back. Just curious as to what you do!

  3. while in Muscatine you must take time to visit the Little Red Hen quilt shop!!!! I was there for the first time last week and it is wonderful, I can’t wait to go back.

  4. I second the recommendation to visit the Little Red Hen! My favorite quilt shop! Wish I could see you when you visit the guild but I dropped my membership last year when I realized that I was not attending most of the meetings due to other commitments and didn’t really feel like I was a part of the group. I could have shown you the Beatles baby quilt in person. Tonight I had to wash it because Maddux had an accident all over it and I wasn’t sure his mom would know how to wash it. LOL!

    But if you do have any spare time that the guild does not have you committed for, maybe you can contact me and we can meet somewhere for a coke!

    Diannia in Muscatine

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