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Did you see Bonnie Hunter’s new Leader and Ender challenge?  The challenge is to make Lozenges blocks.  I had seen the blocks before but never knew their name.

Before I started anything new I vowed to finish up the last of my spool blocks.  I had already had 280 done so I quick finished up the 29 more that were cut out.


I know I read that Bonnie has a quilt in her upcoming book that uses these spool blocks.  I have mine set aside and will wait to see if I have enough or if I like her layout.  I heard her new will be out before long so I am pretty excited.

So I decided I’d start on some Lozenges blocks.


I think they are a go so I cut out a whole container of them…


I really should be sewing other projects…but sometimes even if I am chasing deadlines, I still just want to sew something that isn’t a deadline.

I did get two quilt backings put together.


I can’t show you the quilts but I can tell you that these backings are perfect for the quilts.

I should have shown off our completed quilts and stitching projects from last year’s Fit to Frame and Pieceful Nights but I am sorry to say that we just aren’t that far along at this point.  Neither Kelli or I can keep up with projects that have to be finished right now….and I have to stop and finish Kelli’s wedding quilt.  Our apologies to those who sewed along with us last year.

To see what other’s are working on, check out Patchwork Times.

5 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Hey, Jo, I can’t tell if you are using browns on your opposite corners or if you consider them neutral. I think Bonnie is using a dark, maybe black, on her opposing corners so the intersections form a quarter square. Could be your design decision, but didn’t want you to have another chevron episode LOL.

  2. Love that bright “button” fabric. WIsh I could find fabric like that to finish a couple of quilts. I seem to use a lot of polka dots for backings!


  3. She’s doing OK, Libby. Each dark rectangle has all 4 corners in lights, and each light rectangle has all 4 corners in darks. I don’t think Jo’s sewn any light rectangles with dark corners yet. From the 2″ squares that are cut, Jo’s probably using a variety of darks, as in the original antique quilt, rather than blacks.

  4. I joined in on Bonnie’s lozenge blocks too, even though I have yet to put together the split nine patch blocks I did this past year…will be a small one on that, but hoping for lots more lozenges!

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