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The past four or five days have happened without a sewing machine.  It doesn’t mean I don’t have a working one…it just means that life has been a little too demanding with other things-most of which were all good.  I’ve had kids and family home and that’s one of the few things I’ll trade in sewing time for.

Saturday Hubby and I went to Menards…I pinned and worked on Kelli’s Double Wedding Ring quilt all the way there.


I haven’t said much about this project but I have been sewing on it in between all the other projects I’ve been working on.


All of the pieced arches are sewn and now I am starting to sew them onto the melons.

As far as Celtic Solstice…don’t ask.  I haven’t touched it since last week and that has me a little worried.  I hate getting behind.


If memory serves me right, Bonnie has been known to give out a clue for New Year’s Day.  That means I really need to get trucking along if I am going to keep up…maybe tomorrow…but honestly, probably not tomorrow either.  I have lots of blog work to do….Oh, I am just behind on everything.  I have loved spending time with the family and friends but I’ll be okay once life settles back down to a quiet normal.

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6 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Family is the only thing that motivates me to CLEAN my house. I enjoyed what little time I had with them here. I hope the next clue has us start making BLOCKS. I’m afraid there is one more block part to make.

  2. It’s way too easy to get behind on quilt-along projects, like Bonnie’s mysteries. The holiday season takes so much of our time and attention, whether we’re driving or hosting or just staying put quietly.
    I’m with Mary C (comment above). Family coming for a visit is the only thing that gets me away from my sewing and quilting and pushes me into cleaning mode. It always seems to be a mad rush. My heart is NOT into cleaning.
    I love the colors you’ve chosen for your Celtic Solstice. It’ll be a dramatic quilt.

  3. I am almost finished with clue #3, so I am much more behind than you. I have to go back to work on Jan. 6, so I hope to get caught up by the end of this week. If Bonnie gives a clue on Jan. 1, I am in trouble.

  4. Don’t stress about the mystery quilt. The holidays take priority, and a lot of us fall a little behind. Your units are looking so good so far!

  5. don’t feel bad, i’m just now getting back to roll roll cotton boll, the mystery from a few years ago! i decided not to play this year because i have too many unfinished projects. but it really looks like a pretty quilt. will save the directions for another time.

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