What I’m Working On….

I managed to  get the next clue done…..Only problem, I am COMPLETELY out of cheddar and yellow.


I have no idea if we are going to need some more of either color so just in case, I did a little on line shopping about bought a few half yard cuts of a couple different prints.  I have lots of blue extras so I am hoping that we get back to the color blue soon.

If you look at the photo you’ll notice I sewed the chevrons together wrong.  I had shown them in a different blog post and got this note from Barbara, “Jo, I did the same thing with my chevrons that you did – sewed them backward. I emailed Bonnie because, like you, I didn’t want to unsew all those pieces if they were going to work in a border. Bonnie replied that I had to redo them because they are part of the block. It didn’t take long and kind of became addicting. It’s good tv watching work.”  UGH.  Well, I guess sometime this week I’ll try to do a little correction on that.

It’s been busy here this week so I was happy that we had an easy clue.

I have a LARGE stack of quilts waiting for the quilting machine.  I haven’t gotten to any of them as we’ve had company.   Luckily some of my company like to sew so I’ve been able to get some sewing time in.  This is what I accomplished…or didn’t accomplish.  Look to the lower right, I have a BIG block turned the wrong way.  UGH.


It’s a baby quilt.  I only have a few bits and pieces of fabric left.  I am hoping that once I get the block turned I can piece in another row or two along the left with the scraps that I have left over.  The whole project is meant to be off center…we’ll see what happens with it.

Today I am hooking up with Judy at Patchwork Times and Bonnie at Quiltville.

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7 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….”

  1. Jo, I’m sorry to say that the 4 patch were suppose to be GREEN and orange, but I’m also out of these colors …hope that mean that we don’t need them any more.

  2. I’m still not sure I’d redo all those chevrons! Maybe you should see what the block is going to look like before you do. It may not look like Bonnie’s quilt, but it may be a fine design.

  3. Couldn’t you just unsew the center seam on your Chevrons and flip them the right way and sew just one seam the correct way? I’m hoping the next clue uses the Neutral and Blue! I have a LOT of Blue fabric left. It will be fun to see what all the parts make together.

  4. I agree with Laura who suggested leaving them as they are. Given that your 4-patches are in different colours, too, maybe your quilt will be a variation on Bonnie’s theme, rather than exactly the same quilt. Wait and see how everything goes together – maybe you will love the way yours looks.

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