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My mom used to always yell at me and say, “Use your head and save your feet!!!”.  I admit I have used that phrase many times on my own kids and even often hear me saying it to myself.

Today I am putting that practice to my sewing.  Last week my friend Nell and I issued a challenge to finish up a Bonnie Hunter UFO before her new free mystery gets underway.  I picked to star working on Stars over Shallotte.  The blocks need 2″ unfinished half square triangles.  Well rather than sew all of them, I am “using my head to save my feet”.


After reading through the instructions, I noted that to make the border pieces I sew 2 1/2″ squares onto a 3 1/2″ piece.  If I do that and sew a second time, I can end up with 2″ unfinished half square triangles that I need for the blocks.  So I am making the border pieces first.  Here I sewed the first diagonal seam and then a second.


I cut between the sewn lines and took them to the ironing board.


I now have the 2″ unfinished half square triangle that I need for the block…Ya hoo!!


I am taking today off to finish up a dead line quilt.  It will be so nice to have this one in the mail and gone…I am going to take a couple days to work on this (I need a little me time sewing) and then I’ll be back working on another deadline project.

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7 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. How clever to figure out a way to get two units made at the same time! I’m still mulling over my color choices for the mystery.

  2. I guess that is why they frequently say to read through the instructions completely before beginning. I never seem to do that but maybe I will try it. ;-) I, too, am mulling over my colors for the new mystery.

  3. How serendipitous that you are able to use the waste triangles from the border to make the blocks. I hate it when I don’t read through instructions first, then later find I could have saved a lot of time!!

  4. How clever! Reading the instructions completely before beginning is a great idea if you can put the two and two together and realize that you can make two units at the same time!

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