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I am kind of between projects right now and not quite ready to start a full fledged new project.  I have my deadline quilt that I need to sew the sleeve down on yet but other than that, it’s finished.  I am waiting for Kelli to finish up her deadline quilt top and then that has to immediately get on the quilting frame.

So with not wanting to start something new…I started something new.  Admit it.  Others of you do the same thing (start projects when you really shouldn’t).

Well remember my Odds and Ends quilt?  Well I sewed all the bonus triangles as I was going and now I have LOTS and LOTS of bonus triangles.  While I was cleaning up the sewing room I thought I better put them all away and then..Nope.  I was trimming them up and and before I knew it, I decided to make pinwheel blocks from them.

Aren’t they cute??

Well this is a project on my cutting table that will be there for quite awhile.  If the kids call, I put my phone on speaker and trim away.  It will be a long time before this makes itself into a full fledged project but right now, I don’t want to pull anything else out.  I’m in no hurry with this.  It will be my in between projects project…but oh I already have one of those-my spool blocks.  Well now it appears I have two.  No wonder my sewing room is a mess!!

I will need to design a pattern layout for them though…

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  1. Yes, please get on designing something with those tiny pinwheels! LOL!! I have tons of those but have not yet decided what to do with them either so maybe you can do that for me. Have a good day!

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