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Kelli and I have both been working on deadline quilts.  I finished my quilt top but Kelli’s has LOTS on intense piecing.  Saturday she brought it home and we both worked on it.

Those of you who have seen Kelli and I speak together at guild meetings you have heard us say that we both have a VERY different style when it comes to quilting.  She is a neat freak…every seam must lay perfectly…every pin has to be pinned correctly.  Not me…I am the messy one.  Even though she is a little behind on her quilt top, she wouldn’t let me pin.  She says I pin wrong.  I really don’t understand “how to pin correctly”..and that’s okay.  Kelli would let me sew though.  So she pinned and I sewed.  It worked fine with me and I didn’t take any offense to our differences at all because while she was being “miss picky pinner”, I was sewing this….

I would sew her strips onto the block then sew on my project..then her’s and then mine.  I kept up with her project and made HUGE progress on my project.

I finished sewing up the last five blocks of this project.  I got the rows sewn together and I even made the sashing strips.  All that’s left is to sew it all together.

This is Odds and Ends from American Patchwork and Quilting June 2010 (I think).  This is a long term UFO.  I have wanted and wanted to sew on it but I knew I wouldn’t give it away so other things always became the priority.  I know I am not the only one who puts sewing for others in front of sewing for myself.  I wouldn’t have even sewn on it today had I not been helping Kelli with her deadline quilt and had time in between.

My deadline quilt is on the quilt frame and slowly I am working on it.  I can’t come up with a quilt design that I am super excited about.  There is a bit of open space and I’m just not sure how I want to fill it.  It’s all I can do to not just stop and finish this quilt but I really can’t…deadline-deadlines.

I’ll leave these strips hanging over the chair in the sewing room.  As I am talking on the phone or chatting with Hubby when he comes in from the field, I’ll grab a few rows and pin or it might end up that I grab it and take as a pinning project for the car.

It’s not done…but the end is in sight and right now, even that is making me smile.

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  1. :Love your quilt and your Mother/Daughter story!! I still sew with my 85y/o mother. I am the neat as a pin…iron every seam girl and she is the creative put it together and get on with it mother. Check out the picture on my blog of the quilt she made for my brother that I am about to quilt for her. Have a great week sewing and doing what you do best!!
    Mtn Mama

  2. I’m so accustomed to being a solo sexist that I don’t know whether I could work with another person. Even at group workshops, with a bunch of people, I’m still on my own.

    I like your work in progress, and will make a note to look up the pattern.

  3. I would love to hear how to pin correctly—-sometimes I think I don’t do it right when I have tired so hard and things don’t match like I would like them too and I like my work to be of high quality…can you descriibe this for us???????

  4. ARGH! I can’t beleive you are so far ahead on that!!!! I’m making it too, and I did 1&1/2 rows today…. I didn’t know you were going to be working on it too! My problem is that they person it is supposed to go to is now getting a Kingsized bed! I made it according to the pattern, w one row longer. No more fabric to make anymore blocks either. There will be some HUGE borders to make that a kingsized quilt.

  5. That looks really nice. I’m not great at many repeats of the same block and find I put them on the long finger. I like your plan of working on your project in between something else a row at a time. Sounds like a great way to get to the finish line!

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