What I’m Working On…

I had really hoped to have a deadline quilt top finished..but alas, that didn’t happen.  I am close though.

The center is finished.  I have three borders to put on yet.  They are pieced so it’s just a matter of finding enough time to finish it all up.

In between other things…I’ve been sewing spool blocks.  Here are another 35 to go with the others I already have done.

You may remember some time ago Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville showed a sneak peak of her spool quilt that will be out in her upcoming book.  Well I want to have my spools all sewn and ready for when the book arrives.  I wonder how many I should make.  I have near 100 now but I am just taking a guess that I’ll need closer to 350.  I have no idea..just a guess.

If I get 350 done before the book comes out, I think I’ll just stop, wait there are see what happens.

I need to put in some time at the quilting machine.  I am slowly finding backs for the projects Kelli brought two weeks ago for me to machine a quilt.  I have quite a stack that needs work as there are donation ones from some of the our readers in there too.  For me..happiness is a stack of quilts that need quilting.  Trust me, before I got my APQS, I would NEVER have said that!!

Well, I am off.  Those borders aren’t going to get on that quilt all by themselves…and as soon as the borders do get on that quilt.  It gets bumped to the top of the list!!

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  1. i’m making leader ender spool blocks too. i figured that if i wanted a king size quilt of just spool blocks i would need 1023! they add up fast, but needing that many may mean i’m doing spool blocks as leader enders for a few years….

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