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In our busy-busy sewing week last week I managed a little play time.  See these?  Aren’t they fun.  They are made with left over half square triangles.  I don’t have a complete plan for them yet, but I sure am loving them so far.  They have a little conformity and a little wild scrappy.  They are made using an upcoming Moda line called Scrumptious.  Kelli and I both really like the line.


Kelli and I power sewed on Saturday but Kelli left me with the borders left to finish (SURPRISE!!??)  Kelli always leaves me with the borders.  Here I have more borders to sew but at least they are cut and sewn and ready to put on.  The backing and the binding are ready too.  This one needs to leave the house in Friday’s mail (go Jo go!!)  In between the border construction I am still piecing a little bit of Lazy Sunday.  I’m on the last step.  I have been piecing the border pieces together leader and ender style.

Nothing real exciting is going on…it’s just a steady stream of things to do.  I have promised myself a sewing day all to myself…nothing I have to sew…nothing with a deadline.  I am thinking next Monday on Labor Day just might be the day.

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3 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. I’m not sure I have ever had a “just sew for me day”. Do they really exist or are we just kidding ourselves? :-)

  2. My mom will be here for the Labor Day weekend and we are going to sew as much as we possibly can. I think there might be a little bit of a tube down the river trip, but otherwise it is sew, sew, sew! I am trying to finish one Bonnie Hunter UFO before the Nov. mystery starts. :)

  3. Judy Fitzgerald

    I admire how much you and your daughters do for charity. Especially, the baby quilts. In Sept./Oct. I will be in Ohio trying to clear out my house, as I am putting it up for sale. I am downsizing to a mobile home in Ca. to be near daughter and grandchildren. I have material and other sewing items I could send you. But, don’t know where to post them to. Also, I have quilting books, magazines and sewing patterns especially children. Don’t know if you could use any of these but I would be willing to pass them on as I would just give them to the thrift stores in town.

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