What I’m Watching: Line of Duty

Oh my word.  I am obsessed.  I’ve finally found a show that I LOVE and have really gotten into.

First let me say crime/cop shows are my favorite.  I also LOVE British or European shows.  The shows are so much more realistic than American shows.  The people aren’t so outrageously beautiful….just everyday looking people.

People often recommend shows that are too cheesy for me….or they are suppose to be funny and to me just aren’t.

So the show I love now??  Line of Duty.

Line of Duty (TV Series 2012– ) - IMDb
There are currently five seasons and all are great.  The show focus around AC (anti-corruption)-12.  They are a group of officers who work to find “bent” or corrupt policeman.  In each season there is a case they are investigating that gets solved but also there is an overriding case that continues season through season.  It really makes it interesting as the shows are multifaceted.  The cops are not perfect and aren’t above reproach which really gives them a humanness about them that American shows don’t always have.

I alway listen with closed caption on.  Sometimes if characters have a thick accent (season 5) I don’t always understand them the best and read what I miss.  It’s all okay and I’ve gotten so that I watch everything in closed caption.  It’s easier to stitch then too…if I miss something because I’m stitching I can quick look up and still read it.

Each season is only 6 episodes and sadly, I’ve watched all five seasons now.  I am eagerly awaiting another season.  A season 6 is in the make but filming was put off due to COVID-19.  Because of that it is unknown when the next season will start.  So..I’m going to have to be patient.

There are a couple scenes that are a little bloody or rough but not terrible….much better than most of American television.  This show is nominated for the Best British Television Drama…and rightly so.

I highly recommend this show if you like police shows…if you like dramas…if you like shows that build on themselves through the season…if you like British shows…I would definitely put this show in my top ten shows I’d recommend to watch….likely even top 4.

I watched this on Acorn Television.  This is a subscription channel.  It is $4.99 a month with the first month free.  You can easily get the free month and watch all five seasons of Line of Duty.  There are lots of other shows I’ve loved that have been on Acorn as well.  I also HIGHLY recommend A Place to Call Home and Shetland (other shows in my top five)…the list goes on and on but seriously, Acorn is by far my personal favorite when it comes to channels to subscribe to.

..and with that, I’m off to find a new series to watch.  I have a couple in mind.  I started looking as soon as I started season 5 of Line of Duty.  I’ll let you know if I end up liking it.

15 thoughts on “What I’m Watching: Line of Duty”

  1. Acorn is also my favorite. You might want to try Keeping Faith. It’s a Welsh mystery/drama show with lots of twists and turns.

  2. curious to hear anything you have to say about having to pay another fee beyond the ridiculous cable bill we are already paying ??????

  3. The roles for the main female characters in series 2 and 3 are outstanding, stuff of nightmares. My PBS station hasn’t aired the remaining series yet. Can’t wait for them. If you haven’t seen Happy Valley, it also has excellent roles for women. Lead is another female police officer, but on the right side of the law. The male characters in both shows are also fully developed. I was just so impressed with the female characters.

  4. Brenda, I think Jo is referring to subscribing to Acorn via Amazon Prime. One of the Amazon membership benefits is streaming video through wi-fi to your television. It’s the same as like Netflix. There is no cable bill. I live in the country and have satellite internet and this is what we do. It works great! We can choose programming we like and for much less than cable. It’s not for everyone, but works for me. I love Acorn, but switched to Masterpiece PBS when they had a special pricing event. I enjoy the English and European programs too! The close captioning helps. I will check out Line of Duty next time I switch back to Acorn.

  5. I liked Line of Duty also, as well as other Acorn crime shows. The Commander was good, Undercover, Wentworth, although violent at times, was very interesting and real and there were quite a few seasons of it to watch. I just finished Low Winter Sun on Prime, which was good too. I am always looking for new shows to watch as the good ones always end too soon.

  6. We like Murdoch Mysteries. It is in the late 1800’s and some of the episodes are based on real life events. It is interesting to see how they are developing police procedures.

  7. Hi, Jo good to hear your keeping safe. There is a series called Father Brown we get it on BBC here in England. It’s easy watching crime mysteries. There is also a series called Wire in the Blood it’s got some gruesome scenes but not many.

  8. Carolyn Sullivan

    I don’t have acorn, but I will look into it. Most of the Amazon prime shows are so noisy that I can’t really hear the dialog. So I too use closed caption. I started doing that when I watched TV in the evening BC my DH likes to take a soak, and listens to music, in the adjoining BR. even w the door shut it is too much conflict of noise.

  9. I have always liked the British shows. I tell my husband that they have real looking people not the beautiful people.
    Loved Line of Duty. Another favorite is Vera. But not all seasons on AcornTV. The rest are on Britbox.
    Amazon Prime video has a lot of British tv. Manhunt is good along with DCI Banks.

  10. We just started watching “Line of Duty “. It is a great show. I don’t know if you have any knowledge of the products in the ads on your blog. I was rather surprised to see one fro something called “Manscaped”, or something like that. It said it was for below the waist grooming. Well, out of curiosity, I clicked on it. Sure enough, that is exactly what they meant.

    1. Oh no…I haven’t seen that add. All people get different ads. I’ll check in and see but in the past, there has been nothing I can do about questionable ads. Thanks for letting me know Karen.

  11. Check out Brokenwood Mysteries also on Acorn. It’s set in New Zealand. We LOVED it and were so sad when it finished. There’s also No Offense on Acorn which was another police drama but with mostly female characters, a little off beat and humorous. We just started watching Line of Duty.

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