What I’m Watching: Broadchurch

You read that right.  It says “what I’m watching”.  If you read the blog you know I watch VERY little television.  I’ve even given up on the news.  Years ago I was the most devoted fan of the news…not anymore.  I don’t really trust it anymore so I just do my best to ignore it as much as possible.

Anyway…I’ve had the cross stitch bug buzzing in my brain and I’ve so wanted to do more cross stitching ever since I got my two previous pieces framed.

I’m not good with listening to an audio book when cross stitching so I hunted for something to watch on Netflix.  Our daughter Kayla watches lots of Netflix when knitting and crocheting so I asked for a suggestion and she said, “Broadchurch.  Mom-You’ll love it!”….so did I love it?

I cozied up with my cross stitch and gave it a try.

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As I watched the first episode I was excited as I got the “L” finished on this piece….


Then I “watched” the next seven episodes and all I got done was this!!Cross-stitch-11

I guess that’s proof positive that I liked the show.

I actually shut my light off and just watched.  That never happens.  I will admit to having to turn on the closed caption option.  Sometime the English accents where a little hard for me to catch when they were talking so quickly.

The show was really good.  I was very engaged and wanting to binge watch.  I watched three episodes in a row because honestly, I couldn’t wait to find out who was the killer.  I am refraining from starting season two as I don’t want to get so hooked again….at least not until Hubby is full fledged deep into harvest.

Give it a try, I think you’ll love it.  I am going to have to try to find something a little less engrossing if I am going to get this next cross stitch project done!!  Any suggestions?

12 thoughts on “What I’m Watching: Broadchurch”

  1. Lynne Nicholson UK

    Ahem bit nit picky but not all the accents in Broadchurch are English David Tennant’s character has a Scottish accent.

    I feel the same way about some American programs that I need subtitles. I think it’s Steven seagal films I watched and he has a “mumbly “ way of speaking that meant I gave up on them as I’d catch one word in ten.

    If you really want tough accents to interpret from the UK try Auf weidersehn pet (Geordie accents) Taggart (Glaswegian) Wycliffe (some lovely Cornish accents) (Poldark also has some lovely Cornish) For real Cockney Eastenders (Dick Van Dyke has an awful accent in Mary Poppins) Liverpudlian the Beatles films or Ferry across the Mersey starring Gerry and the Pacemakers. Then you need to try some Welsh, some highland of Scotland, Northern Irish have a different accent to Republic Irish. We have so many gray accents as you do over there.

  2. I usually watch something I’ve seen but is still interesting. I watch criminal minds and west wing a lot when I don’t need to pay close attention to the show.

  3. The British have a real talent when producing quality crime programs – and not a gun in sight! On a very different note, have recently watched all episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale as well – very addictive.

  4. We enjoyed Broadchurch. Season 2 is a little slow, but Season 3 was good. Given your love for history, have you watched Foyle’s War? It is a PBS series set in 1940’s England. I believe it is available on netflix, but we get it through our library. There are 7 seasons, so you could get a lot of stitching done.

  5. I agree with Donna. I tend to watch (listen really) things I’ve seen before, so I don’t stop stitching to actually watch! haha… Old movies are usually my favorite… Fried Green Tomatoes, The Wizard of Oz, Steel Magnolias, Alfred Hitchcock Movies, etc.

  6. Hi Jo. I love British crime shows. They are my favourite. This year I found one which absolutely hooked me. Its called Happy Valley. There are two series. The lead character is female and the actress who plays her is brilliant. Well in my opinion anyway. You may need captions as they sometimes talk fast. I really hope they are making a third series.

  7. Thank you for recommending Broadchurch. I just finished watching the first two sera sons of It and I absolutely loved it. I hope I can find something else to watch equally good.

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