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Everything I’ve been watching as of late has been from Acorn Television.

I’ve enjoyed this show.  There are 8 episodes in season 1.  At first I was frustrated with the show but soon got over it.  Here’s the problem.  I was watching while I was cross stitching and I like shows that I can follow along with but not “see” every part of the show.  Well part of the time during the show they speak Welsh.  Well when they do, I have to look up and read the dialog through the subtitles.

Amazon.com: Watch Hidden - Series 1 | Prime Video
I soon got into the show and didn’t care that I wasn’t getting so much cross stitch time.  Like with all Acorn television shows, I love the scenery and seeing a different way of life.  I recommend the show if you like cop shows.

Here’s the synopsis:
When a young woman’s body turns up with evidence that she had been held prisoner, the investigation leads DI Cadi John (Sian Reese-Williams, Requiem) to a string of disappearances in a remote yet striking corner of Wales. This noir thriller from the team behind Hinterland is a gripping mystery with “superb performances all-round” (KillingTimes.tv).

The good news is that another season is being shot.  YAHOO!!

Another show I watched was…

Deadwater Fell.

Amazon.com: Watch Deadwater Fell - Series 1 | Prime Video
For the British television watchers, there was a lot of hype around this show.  The main actor, David Tennant, has been loved for his performance in Broadchurch (I HIGHLY recommend that show).  Everyone was hoping for an amazing show.  Sadly, I didn’t think it was amazing.  It was dark and his character was not one I was attracted to at all.  Not terrible but not my favorite.

Here’s the synopsis:
Deadwater Fell is a four-part British drama television miniseries written and created by Daisy Coulam. It stars David Tennant as a doctor whose wife and three young children are murdered in a fire.”

The last show that has kept my attention is Winter.  This is an Australian show and available on Acorn Television.  I love seeing how different police forces operate around the world.  In some shows, officers don’t carry guns.

Amazon.com: Winter: The Complete Series: Rebecca Gibney, Peter O ...
It sadly is only one season with 6 episodes…but it’s good.  Here’s the synopsis:
“Between the picturesque backdrop of the south coast and the busy city of Kings Cross, Eve Winter has to juggle her personal life, professional life and the competing interests that develop when solving the murder of a young mother.”

The thing with many British or Australian television show that I’ve watched that I don’t like is that the season is only 4-9 episodes…not our typical US length.  Often these shows are only one or maybe two seasons.  In the US great shows like Law and Order SVU is on it’s 21st season and each season is 22 or so episodes.

All of these shows were from Acorn Television.  You can get a subscriptionHERE.

As always, I’d love to hear what you are watching…

12 thoughts on “What I’m Watching”

  1. Sue Stringfellow

    Deadwater Fell must have another season, don’t you think? I watched it- it didn’t seem finished to me.

  2. Nikki DeRamus Moshier

    We just finished six seasons of A Place to Call Home. It was wonderful! Nice wrap up to the end. It’s on Acorn.

  3. We just finished SeaChange. It was very entertaining and a cute series! A Place To Call Home was wonderful! Also watched Broken ?and really liked it. I love your blog, read it everyday and take lots of your recommendations. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I’ve just watched the film Ladies in Black on Netflix. It’s a feel good film set in the late 1950’s, in an Australian department store. Well worth a watch

  5. Do you have HULU? We’ve been watching a British show called New Tricks, about a cold case squad made up of retired detectives (old dogs, new tricks). The characters are endearing, the stories unique, and it has that lovely British humor.

  6. Hey Jo, the character Winter also appears in “The Killing Fields” Still a mini series of only 3 or so episodes, but definitely worth a watch as well ☺️
    Also Gillian Anderson is in a British show “the Fall” which is good also. It’s on Foxtel or Netflix here in Australia, not sure where you’ll find it in the US ☺️

  7. Lynda Breegle

    I second the recommendation of A Place To Call Home. Excellent storyline and relatable characters.

  8. I’ve watched everything Acorntv! Love it all! Mostly. Especially the crime mystery shows. A few of the 90s shows are so so.

  9. Joanne M Perry

    On Acorn I’m catching up on the Canadian show, Murdoch Mysteries, and the British show, Midsomer Murders. Loved NZ show, Brokenwood Mysteries.
    Just finished Loch Ness which was good but grisly.
    Glad to hear your suggestions…keep them coming , please.

  10. I watched and loved Winter too. Right now I’m watching Season 1 of Hidden and I hope to be done by the time Season 2 premieres on June 15! I’m also watching the Oldenheim 12 (Dutch) and hope to start The Simple Heist (Swedish) soon. All are on Acorn.

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