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In my last installment of What I’m Watching, I told you about the show On HBO Max Love and Death. At the time I hadn’t finished watching it as it was being released weekly. I finished it and liked it.

I like true crime. I wish I knew why. I think because it’s like a puzzle with pieces that need to be put together to be solved.

Here is the official trailer.

While you watch check out the background. I love the 70s that show up in the background.

I’ve been on a bit of an HBO Max kick. To keep the cost of my viewing down, I typically keep one channel at a time. I might have HBO Max for a month, and watch everything new on it. Cancel it and watch Britbox for the next month, watch everything on it, cancel it, and pick up a new channel. The key is remembering to cancel the channels. HA!!

Anyway…it’s HBO Max this month (Now Max) and honestly of all the channels, it’s about my favorite.

My recent show was Murders at White House Farm. It’s a British Show again about a true crime that really happened. Here is the synopsis.

“An infamous true crime story. Over thirty years ago, three generations of one family were murdered at their isolated farm. Initial evidence pointed the finger at the daughter of the family who had a history of mental illness, however, one detective refused to accept this and delved deeper into the investigation. His determination uncovered new evidence that shed suspicion on another family member. This is a dramatized true crime story based on extensive research, interviews, and published accounts, looking at the mystery behind what happened that fateful day.”

Here is the trailer.

This show had and kept my attention. It’s not an epic show but really good and interesting. It’s my cup of tea, British and crime all wrapped up in one show.

I am completely and totally in love with the series about Miep Geise, the lady who was instrumental in helping the Frank family during WWII. The show is SO GOOD. It’s called A Small Light. I highly recommend it.

Here is the trailer.

When my daughter Kayla was in 6th grade she did a project with her friend Hannah about Anne Frank. Since then I’ve gobbled up anything about her. This show is so good and deserves the accolades it has been receiving. I’ve heard a rumor that there might be season two. I don’t know if there could be but if there is, I’d totally watch it.

This is my favorite show of all of the ones I’m telling you about today.

You can find this show on Disney Plus. If you don’t have the channel let me just say it’s worth buying the channel for a month and binge-watch the show.

I have moved from HBO to Netflix. Mary at Chicken Scratch Country Threads said something about watching Firefly Lane.

I decided to give it a try. I’m about 3 episodes in and plan to continue it.

I love when I am late to the game on shows. This has two seasons so I can watch for TWO SEASONS and not have to struggle with finding a new show. Can anyone else relate?

This is based on a novel by Kristen Hannah and I have loved her books…all are really good so check her books out HERE if you haven’t.

That’s what I’ve been watching. I’d love any recommendations if you have them. I’ve put several Netflix shows on my watch list. I’m excited to be getting to them.

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  1. Polly Currier

    Murdoch Mysteries on Hulu, 17 seasons, so I’ll be good for a while. Set in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in the late 1890s. Entertaining and fun watch. Try it during your Hulu month.

  2. Watch ‘Happy Valley’ on AMC+ because it has all the episodes. It’s about a policewoman in York, England. It’s the #2 show streaming on TV. I love crime books and movies but not anything, except Bosch, on US television.

  3. Cindy Kuipers

    Just letting you know that when I tried to read the Kitting Up post I got jibberish. All the other posts are fine.

    1. Same thing happened to me. It posted neat and clean yesterday but today not. I read from your website on my iPad through Safari.

  4. I often can’t read the second post of the day (all code, and it appears to be code from a past post) but later (the next day) it comes through. So I just have to have patience.

    If there are two posts, usually the first one is fine.

  5. I also loved “A Small Light”. I was able to watch it with my regular cable subscription on the National Geographic (Nat Geo) channel. So for anyone who hasn’t watched it, check your cable subscription, if you have one, and then won’t have to pay for Disney+.
    I’ve been checking out some DVDs from the library to watch since most shows are reruns on tv. I watched House of the Dragon, (watched all seasons of Game of Thrones last summer).
    Also watched seasons 1-3 of Succession.
    I’ve previously enjoyed all seasons of Six Feet Under.
    Getting ready to start Psych, Season 1.

  6. The ‘kitting up’ post was fine for me except the link for the new dog foster post wasn’t highlighted. When I went back later to see if it was highlighted, I got the code page. Still getting the code page for that post today. The others are fine.
    A few weeks ago when you asked how we read your blog and what browser we used, I said I used Firefox and never had any problems. Well, ironically, later that night I went back to your blog to see if a new post was up and for the first time, I got the code page. Don’t know if any of that is helpful at this point, but I’m sure you and Kayla will get it figured out.
    Teresa F.

  7. The first episode of A Small Light is actually available for free on National Geographic’s YouTube Channel. It’s enough to get you hooked and wanting to watch the whole season. :)

  8. Can’t read your post about Jazz, it is just gibberish showing. Yesterday had the same problem with kitting up post. This seems to be occurring more frequently.

  9. I’m on a iPad through safari,I too can’t read kitted up or the one about Jazz but what I’m watching came through great.sometimes I get them the next day,but sometimes they are still bad.This is so weird.I do love reading your blog!

  10. Karin A in PA

    I am watching “My Name is Murder” on Acorn TV. Set in Australia and New Zealand the lead investigator is played by Lucy Lawless. Excellent. Well written.

  11. We just finished Unforgotten. The first few seasons are on Acorn and the last is on PBS. We really liked it. Very well done show starring Nicola Walker as head of a unit that investigates very old cold case murders when remains have been discovered.

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