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I watch so much more television than I did five years ago.  It’s mostly due to cross-stitching.  Television and cross-stitching go really well together.  I stitch and watch so some things escape me but I still catch the storyline and know what happened in the show.

Here are a few things I’ve been watching lately:

First up is The Gulf.  This is set in New Zealand.  I just love shows that are set in other countries as I enjoy the scenery and mannerisms that are different than here in the US.

I watched this on Amazon Prime.  There are 3 episodes in season one and eight in season two.  The show opens with a terrible car accident that shapes the entire series.

Detective Jess Savage investigates crimes on her home of Waiheke Island, New Zealand; after losing her memory in a car crash that killed her husband, Jess becomes determined to bring the killer to justice.

Here is the trailer:

Next up, I watched Bridgerton.  I watched this on Netflix.

This is based on a book…but I’ve heard that season two strays from the books.  I don’t know if it does or doesn’t as I haven’t read the books.  I had previously watched season one and although I thought it had too much nudity, I somehow got sucked into it.  So when season two came around, I had to watch it.

It’s an overdramatized evening soap opera…one of those shows you watch and can’t figure out why you’re watching but then watch anyway.  I’ve yet to determine why I get sucked into it.

The show is based on the Bridgerton family.  Each season highlights one of the Bridgerton children and their escapades that lead them to the alter.

I do love the costuming…so pretty.

If you haven’t watched, you need to watch season one first.

There are eight episodes in each season.

Inventing Anna was the next show I watched.  There are nine episodes and I watched this on Netflix.
This is based on a true story.  Here’s the synopsis:  “A journalist investigates the case of Anna Delvey, the Instagram-legendary heiress who stole the hearts and money of New York elites.”

This is another show that I started watching and got hooked on even though it was a bit of a train wreck.  The journalist in the show is pregnant and WAY overdoes pregnancy to the point it is annoying.  Other than that, I found the show entertaining.

The next series I watched was The Girl from Plainville.  This show is disturbing.  It is based on a true story.  I watched this on Hulu.

Here is the synopsis:
“The true story of Michelle Carter’s “texting-suicide” case, exploring her relationship with Conrad Roy III and the events leading up to his death, and, later, her conviction of involuntary manslaughter.”

As of writing this, more episodes are coming out.  I think there will be eight in total.

I will be finishing this series for sure.

I think last time I told you I was watching The Guilded Age on HBO Max.

That was good and I am really hoping there are more seasons of this.  I love looking at the costuming in this.

I am still watching Cold Case.  This is the show I pick when I don’t want to take the time to figure out what to watch.  It’s my default show…but I really love it.

Watch Cold Case - Stream TV Shows | HBO Max

I am watching this on HBO Max.

That’s the end of the list of what I’ve been watching.  Kalissa is insistent that I watch this show…The Dropout.  It’s on Hulu and is next on my list.

That’s what I’ve been watching.  Any suggestions from any of you??

19 thoughts on “What I’m Watching…”

  1. Lynn in Waverly

    It is hard to keep up with some shows when you don’t actually watch. I am sewing, stitching or hand quilting when I watch TV. I have enjoyed Julia on HBOMAX. A new series about Julia Child. Also The First Lady started Sunday on Showtime and I’m looking forward to the next episode. You have some good suggestions and will check them out. I still work full time so TV time is limited. My husband and I do not like the same kind of TV, so often are in different rooms.

  2. I agree cross-stitch and TV go very well together!! I watch PBS on Sunday nights! First up is “Call the Midwife” then Sanditon season 2 and finally ‘Before We Die’…they are British shows, and completely different from each other, but very entertaining! I love your choices and will add them to my list!!

  3. I started watching Drop out, i stopped. It wasn’t anything I can get in to. I will however, check out the Golf… love cold case as well.
    Thanks for the tips

  4. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    I’m still watching McLeod’s daughters on Amazon Prime. There are 8 seasons with over 25 episodes per season, takes place in rural Australia. I really like it.
    Another show I watched and really enjoyed was called My Octopus Teacher, also on prime. I’m going to look at a few your suggestions. If people make a suggestion can I ask you say where you watched it, Netflix, prime, etc.

  5. Kathleen in Mississippi

    My husband knows at the end of every episode of Bridgerton I have to rewind and pause on dresses and home furnishings. The gowns on The Gilded Age are outrageous too.

    I hated the first episode of Unbelievable but the rest of the episodes made me so proud of how women can work together and be strong and smart and care about each other in a realistic way.

  6. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    This is a great idea giving suggestions. I’ve been watching McLeod’s Daughters on Amazon prime. There are 8 seasons and over 25 episodes per season. Takes place in rural Australia.

  7. We really enjoyed The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, I think there will be one more season. I enjoy the ‘Chicagos’ and NCISs. I also loved Cold Case when it was on broadcast TV. I’ve spent a BUNCH of time (the books are usually more than 50 hours) listening to the audio Outlander series since there is a new book that recently came out – it is on my hold list. I’ve read the series, but love to listen to the reader of the audio books and reacquainting myself to the story. I might have to get Starz for a while just so I can watch the series. Thank you for the suggestions!

  8. Have you watched The Gilmore Girls? It’s been out for a long time, but I thought it was good. I laughed out loud so many times…..especially with the mother/daughter conflicts (the older mother). This is Us is good. Anne with an E is good. My husband recommended that one to me. The Kaminski Method was good (although I have to admit I am not a huge fan of Michael Douglas). I laughed out loud at some of the situations. I enjoyed Inventing Anna too. I am watching Maids and The Woman Across the Street from the Girl in the Window. They are interesting. They kind of bother me so not sure I will continue.

  9. Hi Jo
    Soo glad you like Bridgerton, as it was filmed in Bath , 6 miles away from my home. It is funny when in Bath shopping, to hear so many tourists trying to work out which shops/properties were used in the series. Now there’s a Bridgerton route map! This like so many other period programs have Bath as a back drop. Lucky me. Down the road 2 miles is where part of Downton Abbey was filmed, I do hope you can see the series, its Brilliant from the first episode to the latest films. Here its a MUST at Christmas to watch the feature length films. Made because no fan wants to see it end. Just love the series of Silent Witness, great combination of a team of pathologists and law enforcement. Very real.

  10. Debbie Goedtel

    I am watching Cardinal on Hulu. I have stayed up past my bedtime to keep watching. This series is set in Canada.

  11. I’ll vote for Bridgerton. Loved both episodes. Watching Sanditon now on PBS but almost over. If you get a chance to watch Sanditon there are lovely costumes once again. Makes you wonder who did the laundry.

  12. beth jadwisiak

    Watch “The Marvelous Mrs Maisel” on Amazon Prime. Take place in the 60’s but the costumes are fantastic and of course the show is funny and very enjoyable.

  13. My son told us about The Good Place. It is lighthearted humor and can be found on Netflix. Short episodes. Easy to binge watch.

  14. I want to watch the Dropout. Thank you for the reminder. I read a few of the Bridgerton books series. Each book concentrates on one sibling and I think the Netflex series is doing the same. Glad for the fast forward at the gratuitous parts. My daughter and I watched Inventing Anna on my last visit. Amazes me how nervy some people are.

  15. I love “All creatures great and small” on PBS. It’s a remake although I don’t know the year of the original. A new vet from Scotland finds work in a small town in England. Like you I love shows from abroad, but when it comes to sewing my EPPs I can’t do the subtitles so I stick to English. I also enjoy “Miss Scarlet and the Duke” mystery, period piece. My kids know I’m a sucker for period pieces. “Vera” I think on BBC, murder mysteries with an older female lead detective. Love it. Lastly, this is a couple of years older but terrific is “The Durells in Corfu” my kids even got hooked. That’s what I have. I put “The Gulf” in my Playlist. Thanks for the recommendations.

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