What I’m Reviewing: A Piece of Cake

I got a book for review e-book from Martingale.  It is A Piece of Cake: Sweet and Simple Quilts from Layer Cake Squares by Peta Peace.

I get review e-books from publishers all the time.  I honestly often don’t even look at them.  I have what I have and I like what I like…and I don’t want anymore quilt books.  My shelves are full.  When the last batch of review e-books came through I happened to see this one that used layer cake squares.  I have a couple layer cakes here that need to be used so thought I would at least look at the book….I did, and I liked it.

I ended up picking a pattern that I want to make.  I hate working with e-books and prefer hard copies so I wrote to the copy and asked for a hard copy.  I told them my intention was to make the quilt and then pass it along to a blog reader….so what quilt inspired me ask for a hard copy?  This one….
Martingale - A Piece of Cake (Print version + eBook bundle)

How cute is that for a baby quilt?  It’s 45″ x 50″ or the alternate size 18 1/2″ x 20 1/2″.  The pattern comes in two sizes.  I’m thinking about making the smaller version and adding some borders but I’m not sure yet.  All I know is that I need to get going on it.  The baby is due today!

There are other quilts I like….

This would be quick and easy.  Cute too.

Martingale - A Piece of Cake (Print version + eBook bundle)

This one I would be so tempted to make as a Quilt of Valor.  Easy but nice for sure.

Martingale - A Piece of Cake (Print version + eBook bundle)

This one also caught my eye.

Martingale - A Piece of Cake (Print version + eBook bundle)

This one I love but would I know I couldn’t get myself to do the applique.

Martingale - A Piece of Cake (Print version + eBook bundle)

There are several fun projects in the book….I really want to get that baby quilt done and finished.  I have things cut out already.  Now I need to sew and quilt it.  Do you think there’s any chance I could finish it before Sunday when we have a family picnic and family will be there?  Depending on how things go, I might try to get it finished.

Keep watching.  I’ll do a giveaway for the book once I get that quilt finished!

16 thoughts on “What I’m Reviewing: A Piece of Cake”

  1. I ‘Love’ that quilt, it reminds me of a stamp that was popular when I was a kid. I see there are some other fun looking quilts in there too. Look forward to seeing what you do with those designs.

  2. I have a few layer cakes here and I think I might have to watch for this book and give it a glance. I hope you get the baby quilt made in time and I look forward to what else you may make with this book.

  3. Thanks for that review! There are some cute quilts there. I’m guessing you can get that quilt done! You get so much done! Can’t wait to see it!

  4. Lots of cute quilts there! Know you will get that done…it is sweet and who doesn’t’t love words, especially LOVE? Always appreciate book reviews, reading and quilting! Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the review of this book — The quilts are all so cute — Can’t wait to see your “LOVE” quilt! Perfect for a baby!

  6. Those quilt pictures are really looking good. Makes me think I need to buy a layer cake. I love the patterns shown.

  7. So many pretty projects to make in this book…I’d want to make them all! My fingers are crossed that you get that baby quilt done on time! Heck, even if it’s a few weeks late, it will be appreciated and treasured always!

  8. This looks like such a great book full of quilts that would work for charity quilting. Thank you for reviewing it and have fun making your L.O.V.E. quilt!

  9. Catholic Bibliophagist

    I like these quilts, but I never buy layer cakes. So I don’t know if cutting would be a pain since it’s geared for pre-cuts. I wouldn’t mind winning a copy, but I don’t know if I want to take a chance on buying it. Maybe one of our local libraries has this book.

  10. Karin Callander

    Hmmm…those are pretty simply pieced quilts, with fabulous results, aren’t they. I think the colors and the quilting are what really makes them stand out. Some of that custom quilting must have taken HOURS! and practice! Certainly not something I could whip out in a day, for sure! Can’t wait to see your spin on the baby cake. I mean quilt!

  11. I rally like the LOVE quilt. I have a great-grand coming this next February; they are having the boy-or-girl announcement party on the 29th of this month, so I am excited to begin sewing for this little one. The LOVE quilt really appeals to me as one to make, also I like the second one you show out of this book too. Thanks for showing us the pictures – I will probably buy this book.

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