What I’m Reviewing: 60 More Quick Baby Blankets

A long time ago I got on a list to review books that are distributed by Sterling Publications.  Every once in a while they come in the mail and I get a sneak peak at some fun books.  Although I don’t knit or crochet Kayla does so I’ve stayed on the list to review them.  I think Kayla is going to squeal when she sees the latest book I got, 60 More Quick Baby Blankets.


The book starts with an amazing cover and goes on to show 60 patterns.  WOW.  That’s a lot of punch in one book!!  I snapped some pictures of things that I could see Kayla knitting….


Check this one out.  The quilt lover in us all should like this one…..Isn’t it perfect for scrap yarn!!


Kayla works with lots of mish-matched scrap so I can see her making this too.


I love that so many of these mimic quilt patterns.  Don’t you?


For sure Kayla would have the yarn for this…..


I’m betting she would pull out her grays and make the one below with gray instead of white.


I just know she’s going to love this.  After all the knitting she has done for charity…a marathon’s worth of yarn, that girl still wants to knit more charity projects.  It’s one of the things that makes me love her even more…she has a giving heart.

Check out this book if you’re inclined.  I’m not even a knitter and really enjoyed paging through it.

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  1. This book looks so wonderful, Jo. I knit and crochet and yes, I think Kayla will find much happiness as she browses the pages.

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