What I’m Reading: You Can Trust Me

I was in a hurry to grab a book and took the first audiobook that looked like something I wouldn’t mind. It was listed as a thriller and I was ready for something that wasn’t historical fiction. I ended up grabbing this book, You Can Trust Me by Wendy Heard.

The book started by catching my attention and I was excited to be jumping into a book that would keep me reading. I kept listening to this but as the book went on, I lost some of my attention for it. UGH. I hate when that happens.

Here’s what Amazon had to say:
Summer and Leo would do anything for each other. Inspired by the way each has had to carve her place in a hostile and unforgiving world, and united by the call of the open road, they travel around sunny California in Summer’s tricked-out Land Cruiser. It’s not a glamorous life, but it gives them the freedom they crave from the painful pasts they’ve left behind. But even free spirits have bills to pay. Luckily, Summer is a skilled pickpocket, a small-time thief, and a con artist—and Leo, determined to pay her own way, has learned a trick or two.

Eager for a big score, Leo catches in her crosshairs Michael Forrester, a self-made billionaire and philanthropist. When her charm wins him over, Leo is rewarded with an invitation to his private island off the California coastline for a night of fabulous excess. She eagerly anticipates returning with photos that can be sold to the paparazzi, jewelry that can be liquidated, and endless stories to share with Summer.

Instead, Leo disappears.

On her own for the first time in years, Summer decides to infiltrate Michael’s island and find out what really happened. But when she arrives, no one has seen Leo—she’s not on the island as far as they know. Plus, there was only one way on the island—and no way off—for the coming days. Trapped in a scheme she helped initiate, could Summer have met her match?

Amazon readers gave the book 4 stars. I think I’d have to agree. It was okay but nothing that will stick with me.

You can find the book HERE.

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  1. I, too, usually read historical fiction but right now I’m reading “Demon Copperhead” & it may well be the best book I’ve ever read. The writing is phenomenal! No wonder it won the Pulitzer!

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