What I’m Reading: Yesterday’s Tides

I use Libby for audiobooks. I like it fine and appreciate that it is free but hate that waiting for a book takes so long. This is a book that I put on my waitlist months ago and it finally came, Yesterday’s Tides by Rosanna M White.

I was hoping for a good book. I’ve had a couple of good ones recently. So, with my fingers crossed, I pushed play.

The book has two stories being told in the book. The audio version wasn’t very good at making that known or at least I didn’t catch it in the first couple of chapters so for a bit I was confused. Later I caught on and it was MUCH easier.

The stories take place during WWI and WWII. I liked both of the stories and kept wondering and wondering how the author was going to bring the two stories together. She did…and it was good.

Here is what Amazon had to say…

In 1942, Evie Farrow is used to life on Ocracoke Island, where every day is the same–until the German U-boats haunting their waters begin to wreak havoc. And when special agent Sterling Bertrand is washed ashore at Evie’s inn, her life is turned upside down. While Sterling’s injuries keep him inn-bound for weeks, making him even more anxious about the SS officer he’s tracking, he becomes increasingly intrigued by Evie, who seems to be hiding secrets of her own.

Decades earlier, in 1914, Englishman Remington Culbreth arrives at the Ocracoke Inn for the summer, never expecting to fall in love with Louisa Adair, the innkeeper’s daughter. But when war breaks out in Europe, their relationship is put in jeopardy and may not survive what lies ahead for them.

As the ripples from the Great War rock Evie and Sterling’s lives in World War II, it seems yesterday’s tides may sweep them all into danger again today.”

Amazon readers gave the book 4.7 stars. I would say I’d agree. I have thought about the book for several days after reading it. That is always a good sign that I loved it. You can find the book HERE if you are interested.

I was impressed enough with this book that I went on to see if the author had written other books. SHE HAS!! I’m so excited. There are even several series!! You can find them all HERE. Now my hope is that Libby has them and the wait isn’t too long.

9 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: Yesterday’s Tides”

  1. Libby is all I use. I have over 100 books in my “future reads” file. Not all are available now but I have enough to listen to in the meantime. I just finished “By Invitation Only” and liked it.

  2. A couple of books that I liked – they are all “historical fiction” and available on Kindle Unlimited and some have audible options.
    – The Daring Girls of Guernsey by Gayle Callen
    – The School Teacher of Saint Michel by Sarah Steele
    – The Paris Assignment by Rhys Bowen
    – The Sewing Machine by Natalie Fergie
    – The Nurse’s Secret, The Second Life of Mirielle West, The Undertaker’s Assistant – all by Amanda Skenandore
    – A Girl Called Sampson – by Amy Harmon

    I have a kindle unlimited subscription which I like. If I get a book and it is boring, then I have no issue with deleting it and searching for another. I could get ebooks through my library, but there is usually a wait list and then you have to read it within a certain time frame, like a week. And if it is popular, you can’t renew it.

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