What I’m Reading: Wrapped in Rain

Over the last couple months I have been listening to Wrapped in Rain by Charles Martin.

I bought the book through Audible and have been listening to it on my phone when I travel in the car.  I absolutely LOVE the way that works.  I like music but I love books even more.  Every Monday I have been teaching childcare classes in Osage, Iowa.  That’s about an hour from my house so I get an hour on “reading” on the way and hour of “reading” on the way home.  I LOVE it!  It makes me feel like even though I am going to work, I still get some “me” time.

Back to the book.  It’s wonderful!  I have loved all the Charles Martin books that I have read and this one fits right in.  If you like Nicholas Sparks, you’ll love this author too.  The books are heart felt.  They leave the reader feeling like they were a part of the story and can really “feel” what happened.

In this book two little boys are brought to live with their “father”.  He is not a father to them at all.  He’s a monster of a man plagued by the ability to make money from nothing and plagued by the bottle.  The father, Rex, hires a Miss Ella, a nanny/housekeeper, who raises the boys and she is amazing.  She is a Christian who works tirelessly to raise the boys right giving them Christian values and morals.  Rex, does everything wrong.  The boys, Tucker and Mutt, are now men.  Men who are trying to cope with Mutt’s mental illness and with the feelings they harbor from childhood.

Will the abuse end?  Will Tucker and Mutt carry the abuse and be unable to love?  Will the girl from their childhood trip up the present?  Will Miss Ella’s upbringing be the deciding factor?

I love the biblical references.  I love the triumph over their upbringing.  I love Miss Ella.

This one I highly recommend.  If you are looking for the hard copy version, here is an Amazon link for the book Wrapped in Rain and here’s a link for the Kindle version Wrapped in Rain.

Other books by this author that I have very much enjoyed are The Mountain Between Us: A NovelWhere the River Ends and Chasing Fireflies: A Novel of Discovery.  All of them are very good.

I did discover when writing this post that he has more books available that I haven’t read.  I am off to download one of them.

2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: Wrapped in Rain”

  1. Am currently reading The Lucana by Barbara Kingsolver.

    Raining in Music City perfect day for reading or stitching or quilting

  2. I , like you, really prefer books on cd to music. Music usually bores me! I like it bec. It’s “extra” reading time!

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