What I’m Reading: When the Road Bends

I had a bunch of books on my waitlist through my online library.  Several of them all became available at the same time so I was quickly listening.  The first of the bunch was Where the Road Bends by Rachel Fordham.

This is a book I judged by the cover.  From the look of the cover it looked like a book that was historical fiction…and possibly about country life.

I was right on both accounts.  It was historical fiction and was about country life.  In fact, it was historical fiction set in Iowa in the late 1800s.  PERFECT…

The book was good.  It was a little more boy meets girl than I prefer.  Those stories seem to end up focusing more on the romance and less on the meat of the story but this book did a pretty good job.

The lead man was a little too perfect to be really believable.  He said the words every girl wants to hear and I’ve yet to find one that truly does that…on the flip side, she said everything perfectly too.

Sometime I’m too much of a realist.

Here is what Amazon has to say:As Norah King surveys her family land in Iowa in 1880, she is acutely aware that it is all she has left, and she will do everything in her power to save it–even if that means marrying a man she hardly knows. Days before her wedding, Norah discovers an injured man on her property. Her sense of duty compels her to take him in and nurse him back to health. Little does she realize just how much this act of kindness will complicate her life and threaten the future she’s planned.

Norah’s care does more than aid Quincy Barnes’s recovery–it awakens his heart to possibilities. Penniless and homeless, he knows the most honorable thing he can do is head on down the road and leave Norah to marry her intended. But walking away from the first person to believe in him proves much harder than he imagined.

Amazon readers gave the book 4.5 stars.  I’d say 4.3.  It was a good book with a decent amount of story,

You can find the book HERE if you’re interested.  The author has quite a few other books that look to be the same style.

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