What I’m Reading: Unseen

I just finished reading the Kindle version of  Unseen: A Novel (Will Trent) by Karin Slaughter.

I am a big fan of Karin Slaughter and have especially loved the Will Trent series.  In fact, I have reviewed her last book here.

The author is the one who got me reading mystery/thriller type books.  Previous to this I didn’t want to read the books at night but not anymore.  I am attached to the characters and want to know what is going to happen.

In this story, Will Trent, Criminal Bureau of Investigation agent, is working undercover in Macon, Georgia, as Bill Black trying to find a drug king pin known as “Big Whitey”.   Will’s undercover job intersects with a character from the past, his girlfriend Sara’s, arch enemy, Lena.  Sara is called to Macon when her widowed husband’s son, Jared is seriously injured.  Will’s undercover work and Sara’s bedside vigil end up intersecting.

Who is “Big Whitey”?  Will they catch him?  Can Will keep his cover and still be by Sara’s side?  Can Will keep his past at bay and keep Sara by his side?  Does Sara finally get the proof to convict Lena?  All these questions are answered.

I will say that I figured out the ending before I was half way through the book, but that didn’t spoil it….I am so attached to these characters.  I won’t say it is my favorite book of the series but I will say, it was still worth the read.

Sad but true, the book is not available yet.  I was given an advanced copy.  You can however pre-order it here on Amazon in audio, Kindle or Hard Cover editions  Unseen: A Novel (Will Trent).  They will send it to you in July when the book is released.

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