What I’m Reading: Unsaid

I just finished up the audio book Unsaid: A Novel by Neil Abramson.  I had downloaded it some time ago but hadn’t gotten to it.  At any time I typically have 10 books on my MP3 player…this one just got overlooked.

When I first started listening I almost quit.  The story starts with the main character in “heaven” or in “limbo” between earth and heaven.  That type of story didn’t appeal to me..but I listened a little longer and soon I was hooked.  I actually very much enjoyed it.

Here’s what Amazon has to say about the book, “In this explosive debut novel, Neil Abramson explores the beauty and redemptive power of human-animal relationships and the true meaning of communication in all of its diverse forms.

As a veterinarian, Helena was required to choose when to end the lives of the terminally ill animals in her care. Now that she has died, she is afraid to face them and finally admit to herself that her thirty-seven years of life were meaningless, error-ridden, and forgettable. So Helena lingers, a silent observer haunted by the life she left behind-her shattered attorney husband, David; her houseful of damaged but beloved animals; and her final project, Cindy, a chimpanzee trained to use sign language who may be able to unlock the mysteries of animal communication and consciousness.

When Cindy is scheduled for a research experiment that will undoubtedly take her life, David must call upon everything he has learned from Helena to save her. In the explosive courtroom drama that follows, all the threads of Helena’s life entwine and tear as Helena and David confront their mistakes, grief, and loss and discover what it really means to be human.”

If you don’t want to know what happens when an animal is put to sleep or are really sensitive to animal testing you might not like this book.  These topics are addressed throughout the book.  Amazon readers give it 4.6 stars.  I would give it about the same.

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