What I’m Reading: Two Thousand Minnows

I have really been enjoying Audible’s new “plus catalog”.  Plus Catalog is an added opportunity for Audible users to get more books that they sign up for.  For me, I have the 12 credits a year subscription.  I have kept it as there are often books that I want that neither of the online libraries I use has.  Occasionally I use a credit if there is a scheduled release from an author I love and the waiting list at the library is months long.

The Plus Catalog comes free with my regular subscription.  The Plus Catalog allows me to get extra books for free.  Two Thousand Minnows by Sandra Leigh Vaughan was one of the books I got.  I actually downloaded quite a few!!

Two Thousand Minnows: A Young Girl's Story of Separation, Forgiveness, and Hope

I love memoirs. I love hearing the stories of triumph over tragedy.  I love hearing real-life stories.  This was all of that.

The book is well written and really kept my attention.  Occasionally I wanted the book to speed up a bit but I don’t think I would count that against it.  I think the reason I wanted to speed it up is that it was hard to listen to some of the dysfunction in this family.  I applaud the author for rising above her early circumstance and persuing the inkling that there was a skeleton in their family closet.

Here is what Amazon had to say:
When Sandra Leigh was seven years old, she fell into the role of protector of her mother and three younger siblings. One winter night, she ushered her mother out of the house during one of her father’s tirades and then snuck her back into the dark home through a window. Sandra was used to events like these; what she wasn’t used to was the mountains and nature surrounding her new home in West Virginia. Raised in the city, it took some time to get used to the long, hot summer days and nights, but she soon found that the forests, rivers, and mountains were more secure and comforting than the house that held her abusive and volatile father. Catching minnows in the gentle river, riding on rope swings, and exploring the outdoors distracted her from what was waiting at home. But then, her mother became pregnant again, and Sandra’s concern for her family and their well-being grew when her mother returned home from the hospital without the baby. In Two Thousand Minnows, Sandra reflects on the events of her childhood and adolescence, including the time spent traveling across the country with her anxious, worn-out family in a small, cramped car. As Sandra grows older, she realizes that what they’re chasing when they move from town to town the perfect, stable life cannot exist, at least for her, until she has the answers to all the questions she never asked. As an adult, Sandra decides to stop running from the past and instead revisit it, refusing to give up until she unearths the truth and finds the sister who never came home.”

Amazon readers gave the book 4.6 stars.  I’ve been on a roll with a couple of good books falling in back to back.  I hope that roll keeps going!  I do hope the author will write more books.  I will watch for some.

You can find the book HERE on Amazon.

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