What I’m Reading: Tucker’s Way

I just finished up the audio book Tucker’s Way (The Tucker Series) by David Johnson.  I had gotten a different book awhile back and this book was one that was listed as ..”if you like this book you might like Tucker’s Way”.  Well I bought into the advertising and got it via Audible.  Well then a bunch of books came available from my holds list on the online library so this book got set aside.

I finally got to it and was pleased when I did.  I found out that this is a 4 series of books and do plan, in time, getting back to the next books.  Of course I would have liked the books better had they been in first person but all in all, that’s my only complaint…There’s a down and out family.  There’s a murder.  There’s trust issues…their are corrupt people.  Sounds like the makings of a good book right?

Here’s what Amazon had to say, “After enduring a childhood of horrific abuse and crushing poverty, Tucker seeks refuge in her rural Tennessee home. The three grandchildren she is raising are her only connection to the outside, and her demeanor is purposefully rough. But her world is turned upside down when a new neighbor, Ella, moves into the old McDaniel place next door.

Ella seeks solace on the same country road after overcoming cancer. Although she is Tucker’s peer agewise, she was raised in a world of privilege and opportunity. Still, Ella shares a tragic part of Tucker’s experience—she also suffered abuse. Hers was at the hands of her husband, a prominent judge in the community and Tucker’s sworn enemy.”

Amazon readers say 4.6 stars…I would say 4.2.  Good and worth my time.  My online library doesn’t have them so I have to waste the few Audible credits I have and I’m stingy with those credits.

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  1. Actually it’s a series of five. I’ve put all of them on the Amazon list for the library. I’m always on the lookout for new authors for our patrons. So many of the older, good ones have passed away. Sometimes a ghost writer keeps writing books with the deceased author’s name on them, but they just aren’t the same. I feel the same way about living authors who are having others write books under their name, with just a few exceptions.

  2. I grew up reading books from the library just over the hill from my street. All the shelves were filled with good books, and I could go back and reread my favorites. It was easy to find new books to read because the shelves were kept full.
    I don’t enjoy going to libraries anymore because the shelves are only half full and I’ve already looked at the ones on the shelf. And they’ve gotten rid of so many good books, and replaced them with EMPTY SPACE. For the “expansion” that never comes.

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