What I’m Reading: Tomorrow’s Bread

I read a book by its cover and picked this… Tomorrow’s Bread by Anna Jean Meyhew.  I admit covers catch me.

So was it a good book??
Amazon.com: Tomorrow's Bread (Audible Audio Edition): Anna Jean Mayhew, Allyson Johnson, HighBridge, a division of Recorded Books: Audible Audiobooks
Yes..I liked it.

I have a thing with books.  I have to feel a kindship or connection with one of the characters.  I have to like them and “be on their team” or I have trouble connecting to the book.  This book had characters that were easy for me to connect to.  Loraylee was easy to love and easy to cheer on as were other characters in the book.

Here’s what Amazon had to say…In 1961 Charlotte, North Carolina, the predominantly black neighborhood of Brooklyn is a bustling city within a city. Self-contained and vibrant, it has its own restaurants, schools, theaters, churches, and nightclubs. There are shotgun shacks and poverty, along with well-maintained houses like the one Loraylee Hawkins shares with her young son, Hawk, her Uncle Ray, and her grandmother, Bibi. Loraylee’s love for Archibald Griffin, Hawk’s white father and manager of the cafeteria where she works, must be kept secret in the segregated South.
Loraylee has heard rumors that the city plans to bulldoze her neighborhood, claiming it’s dilapidated and dangerous. The government promises to provide new housing and relocate businesses. But locals like Pastor Ebenezer Polk, who’s facing the demolition of his church, know the value of Brooklyn does not lie in bricks and mortar. Generations have lived, loved, and died here, supporting and strengthening each other. Yet street by street, longtime residents are being forced out. And Loraylee, searching for a way to keep her family together, will form new alliances—and find an unexpected path that may yet lead her home.”

Amazon readers gave the book 4.5 stars.  I’d give it 4.4.  I really liked the book but the end came kind of quick.  I do recommend it as that was the only drawback.

The author has another book I am going to go see if I can find it for free somewhere.  It’s called The Dry Grass of August.  It also looks like a good book.

If you are interested, you can find Tomorrow’s Bread HERE on Amazon.

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  1. I use to read Danielle Steele novels because I wanted a life like the similar to the female character in her books. They were all young, pretty, single and find a handsome young man to marry and share their lives. That was when I was young. Then I realized that that wasn’t my life and started reading Steven King books. I figured that they more mirrored my life at the time. Thanks for sharing.

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