What I’m Reading: Thrown Away Child

I was in the mood to listen to some type of audiobook that wasn’t historical fiction and wasn’t a crime novel. So for me, that typically means a biography. That’s what I got. The book was Thrown Away Child by Louise Allen.

The book was a little slow… I just hate saying that. The book is about a child who adopted and was abused. It’s sad. It happened. It was this person’s life. I feel terrible saying it was slow. I’m sure it was slow for her putting up with the abuse. I’m sure it seemed to drag out for her living with an abusive mother.

I think the story is important to be heard. Louise’s voice needs to be heard. We all as a society need to hear about it and know it happens. I think it’s important for those of up who didn’t go through this type of abuse to hear and understand more about it. I think it might help us understand why we need to support programs that help to end abuse.

I have to admire Louise for walking away and becoming a compassionate human. People like Louise who don’t carry on abuse into their own families are true heros in my book.

Here is what Amazon had to say:
Thrown Away Child is a memoir covering Louise Allen’s abusive childhood in a foster home, how she survived – using her love of art as a sanctuary – and how she hopes to right old wrongs now by fostering children herself and campaigning for the improvement of foster care services. It is a compelling and inspirational story. This book gives a voice to the many children who grew up unhappily in care.”

Amazon gave the book 4.6 stars. It’s so hard to rate a book like this. I actually hate rating biographies. How do rate someone’s life as far as entertainment quality goes? So I’m not going to rate it.

You can find the book HERE if you are interested.

2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: Thrown Away Child”

  1. What you wrote is very important. Sometimes I will read something like this book, but because I read for entertainment, I prefer the happy books.

  2. Jo, thanks for your comments. I appreciate your honest reviews of books, and your caveat that everyone has his or her own opinion. this sounds like a book I can skip, as much as I admire the writer for her strength. have a good weekend, Michele

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