What I’m Reading: These Things Hidden

I just finished up listening to the audio book These Things Hidden by Heather Gudenkauf.  I had read other books by this author and very much liked them so I burned an Audible credit and picked this one.

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Did I like it?  Was it as good as the others….yes but no.  The book was pretty good but not as good as the others.  There are sisters in the story and the author says the girls have a great hatred for their parents.  I didn’t see a lot of that.  I didn’t see the basis for that.  I could see that maybe they didn’t always like them but a hatred…no.  This hatred is what the story is based on so it ended making much of it questionable to me.

Early on in the book I guessed what was going to happen…nothing happened in the book that made me second guess or wonder if what I thought was right so…that took away any suspense.  Was the book bad…No.  Were her other books better.  YES!  Those to date, I have really liked.

Here’s what Amazon had to say:“Once the golden child of tiny Linden Falls, Iowa, Allison Glenn watches her reputation crumble as she is sent to prison for five years-convicted of a terrible crime. But what really happened that fateful night? Allison’s younger sister is the only other person who knows the truth. Now out of prison, Allison is more desperate than ever to set the record straight, but the revelation of the truth could have far-reaching consequences.”

Amazon readers give the book 4.2 stars….I’m going with 4 stars.  I don’t know if the other books were so much better that my disappointment in the book was greater or what.   I certainly didn’t feel very attached to these characters.

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