What I’m Reading: The Year We Disappeared

I finished up an audio book on Sunday.  It was “The Year We Disappeared” by Cylin Busby and John Busby.

It was a quick listen…and a good listen.  The book is categorized as being juvenile fiction but that’s alright with me!!  I find that I really enjoy juvenile fiction.  The characters have an innocence to them and I enjoy hearing the story through the eyes of teen.  Better yet, this a true story.

This story is about a police office who was doing his job the right way and became the target of a bad guy.  The chapters in the book rotate between the father telling his version of the story and his daughter telling her side of the story.  It is very interesting to see both points of view.

It is really hard to tell more about the plot and story without giving the ending away.  Let me just say it was really good and worth my time.  Below is a picture of the father and daughter writing team before tragedy struck.

This is a real “triumph over tragedy” story that I will long remember.

Here is the link for the hard copy of the book The Year We Disappeared: A Father – Daughter Memoir and here is the link for the Kindle version The Year We Disappeared.  As I was posting those links I couldn’t believe that the Kindle version is almost half the price of a hard copy.  I didn’t realize there was such a difference.

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