What I’m Reading: The Survival of Margaret Thomas

I was on my Audible account and realized I haven’t been through the free section of books for a bit.  I browsed and ended up finding this book, The Survival of Margaret Thomas by Del Howison.  It was listed as a western but I love pioneer-type stories and after reading the description I thought I would give the book a chance.

At first, I didn’t like the narrator at all.  They seemed slow and a little too folksy but then after realizing that the narrator was performing as if she was the lead character, Margaret Thomas, I started loving her.

I loved the premise of the story…I loved the setting and the plot line.  What I didn’t love was the violence.  I’m just not very good with cold-hearted people and this seemed a little too much for me.

Overall the story was good…I liked almost everything else about the book except for the violent aspect.

Here is what Amazon has to say:
1870s – Missouri
Margaret “Peggy” Thomas and her husband, James, lead a simple and peaceful life; she tends to the farm while he works as sheriff in the nearby town of Bleak Knob. Their evenings are spent doing the thing they love most-being together.

One afternoon, after picking up fabric at the general store, Margaret watches helplessly as James is gunned down on the sidewalk in front of her. Days of mourning turn into weeks and then years, filled with little more than grief and alcohol.

A telegram, announcing the upcoming trial in Arizona of one of the men responsible for James’ death, rouses the widow from her misery. Neither inexperience nor the prospect of a long and difficult journey will stop Margaret from facing her husband’s killer.

Along the way, Margaret unexpectedly gains some new companions as she is joined by a free-spirited gypsy woman and a diminutive moonshiner. Together they will face the danger and violence of the Old West, but only Margaret will be able to answer the question that’s plagued her from the beginning: Is she seeking justice or revenge? Told from Margaret’s dark point-of-view and In the epic tradition of True Grit comes The Survival of Margaret Thomas.”

Amazon readers gave the book 4.5 stars.  I’m going to give it 4.1.  It was a little too gruesome for me.  If you like westerns and crimes of the old west type, you might like the book.

If you’re interested, you can find the book HERE.

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