What I’m Reading: The Stolen Hours

I’m a BIG fan of the author Allen Eskens. I’ve read many if not all of his books.  Every single one is so good.  He is a Minnesota author and I grew up in Minnesota.  So many of his books reference my old stomping grounds and I just love to read the Minnesota references.  For example one of his books talks about Mankato State University.  That happens to be the college I went to.

When I saw that Eskens had a new book out, The Stolen Hours, I quickly checked to see if either of my online libraries had the book.  They didn’t so I immediately went to Audible and bought it.  I love the author that much!

The problem with reading an author I love is that sometimes the author lets me down and writes a dud book.  Not true with this book.  I loved it.  I loved it a lot.

The books Eskens writes are about some central characters.  They don’t necessarily need to be read in order.  The books can total stand alone but, I love books in order so if you’re like me, pick up book one first…  That’s The Life We Bury.

This story focuses on Joe’s girlfriend Lila.  Joe is hardly mentioned in the book nor is their nor is their detective friend Max Rupert.  All of the books focus on some sort of crime.  I didn’t guess the very ending of this book so I think the author did a great job!

Here is what Amazon had to say:
Lila Nash is on the verge of landing her dream job—working as a prosecutor under the Hennepin County Attorney—and has settled into a happy life with her boyfriend, Joe Talbert. But when a woman is pulled from the Mississippi River, barely alive, things in the office take a personal turn.
The police believe the woman’s assailant is local photographer Gavin Spenser, but the case quickly flounders as the evidence wears thin. It seems Gavin saw this investigation coming—and no one can imagine how carefully he has prepared.

The more determined Lila is to put Gavin behind bars, the more elusive justice becomes. Battling a vindictive new boss and haunted by the ghosts of her own unspeakable attack, which she’s kept a dark secret for eight long years, Lila knows the clock is ticking down. In a race against an evil mastermind, it will take everything Lila’s got to outsmart a killer—and to escape the dark hold of her own past.”

Amazon readers gave the book 4.5 stars.  The book totally kept my attention.  I wanted to know how the book was going to end so badly that I didn’t watch television one night and instead listened to the book while I stitched.  I never do that so that’s a big testament as to how engaged I was with the book.

Eskens did it again.  He’s got me looking for his next book.  He really is a good writer.

You can find the book The Stolen Hours HERE on Amazon.  You can find all of his books by following THIS LINK.

4 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: The Stolen Hours”

  1. I’ve read 3 by him so I guess I like him! I’m assuming you’ve read some of William Kent Krueger’s books since his are based in MN as well. I LOVE his books!

  2. I’m from Afton, Mn and I need a new author to follow and read this winter. Thanks for the info on Allen Eskens.

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