What I’m Reading: The Road from Gap Creek

You may remember quite some time ago the book Gap Creek: A Novel by Robert Morgan was an Oprah book club selection.  I read it then and LOVED it.  It’s actually on my list of favorite books.  Well just recently I discovered that there is a sequel…The Road from Gap Creek: A Novel (Shannon Ravenel).

I listened via an audio book and LOVED it!!  I love historical fiction and this of course is….I also love stories from Appalachia.   This is.  I love coming of age books…this is.  I love stories told in first person…this is that too…so of course I would like it.

Here’s what Amazon has to say about it, “One of America’s most acclaimed writers returns to the land on which he has staked a literary claim to paint an indelible portrait of a family in a time of unprecedented change. In a compelling weaving of fact and fiction, Robert Morgan introduces a family’s captivating story, set during World War II and the Great Depression. Driven by the uncertainties of the future, the family struggles to define itself against the vivid Appalachian landscape. The Road from Gap Creek explores modern American history through the lives of an ordinary family persevering through extraordinary times.”

If you read the first book, it’s told from the mother’s perspective….this is told through the daughter’s perspective.  Amazon readers say 4 stars…I am leaning towards 4.8 stars.  If you like the books I do, you’ll likely like it as well.

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4 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: The Road from Gap Creek”

  1. Thanks for the recommendation…. I’ll take it. I’ve already read Mrs Mike and the Prayer Box at your suggestion, and loved them. This will go on my Audible wish list.

  2. To post or not to post….mmm….yes as we are all entitled to our opinions. I read Gap Creek several years ago and back then would of loved to discuss it with someone other than the librarian who said she didn’t bother reading it due to negative comments from people like me when we returned the book. I didn’t care for the book. Were people really that dumb in those days or was it the area they lived? What was the point? But I didn’t care for the majority of Oprah’s book club books as they had the same theme, weak women who became stronger.

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