What I’m Reading: The Rivers Run Dry

I just finished up the audio book The Rivers Run Dry: A Raliegh Harmon Novel by  Sibella Giorello.

A couple months ago I put a hold on my Audible account.  I had bought three extra credits when I got laid up with my foot and my daughter Kayla gifted me some credits just a few days after I bought them.  I had an abundance of credits.  Then I got a message from Audible that I could only have a few credits at a time or I’d forfeit them. (that seems dumb to me) So I went on my online library and put a bunch of books on hold and started listening to Audible books for awhile.  I quickly saw that I couldn’t use up the credits fast enough so I put my credits on hold.

Well I’m caught up…but my account was still on hold.  I took the hold off but the new credits don’t start for a bit.  That left me book-less unless I bought credits.  Well I didn’t want to do that so that left me searching the on line library for books that were available immediately.  This one was one of them.

I was happy to find something different.  Everything I’ve been reading lately was pretty heavy so this was a treat….

but, how was the book?I liked it.  The book was modern day story.  An FBI agent.  A missing girl.  Parents don’t want publicity.  Drugs and gambling involved…you know…the typical FBI who dun it story.  As I was writing this I read one of the reviews on Amazon.  The reviewer wrote, “I’ve read better and I’ve read worse.”  That’s EXACTLY what I thought.  Exactly.

I also found out that this is actually the second book of a series.  For people like me, that’s a stab in the heart.  I like the first book first and the second book second and so on.  So will I read more of the books in the series.  If my Audible credits don’t start filtering in and if the books on my hold list still stay illusive on my on line library account, I’d likely go try to find the first book.

I did look on Amazon and if you’re a Kindle reader, the first two books are free at the time I’m writing this.  You’ll have to double check before you order.

Here’s what Amazon had to say, “Special Agent Raleigh Harmon is good at her job, but not as good at bureau politics. As one of the few females on the team, she finds herself in a strange land when she’s transferred from Richmond to drought-stricken Seattle. When a hiker suddenly goes missing and a ransom note arrives, Raleigh realizes there’s no time for transitions. Vowing to find the missing college girl, she must rely on her forensic geology skills to uncover the truth, leaving no stone unturned.

Gritty and poetic, with an evocative sense of place, a quirky cast of characters, a fast-twisting plot, and a compelling, complicated heroine, this superbly crafted mystery will keep you reading compulsively as hope runs short, the clock runs down, and the rivers run dry.”

Amazon readers give the book 4 out of 5 stars.  I think I’d agree.  There wasn’t as much suspense or thrill to it as I had hoped.

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