What I’m Reading: The Return

I was so happy to find out that Nicholas Sparks had a new book.  I’ve long been a Nicholas Sparks fan and was excited to read The Return.

The Return

So what did I think?  Well, it was good, but I’ll be honest, it was a Nicholas Sparks book.  There was a girl who was hiding something, two actually.  The guy was more patient than any real man on earth and finally, the girl comes clean with her secret…and the story goes on.  As much as I love Nicholas Sparks, everyone once in a while, I’d like to see a guy that is a little more real…one that had flaws and still has a few flaws…like a real guy.

I loved Kramer dearly and still do, but he had flaws.  I have flaws.  We’re all flawed and in this book, everything was a little too perfect and a little too happy for me.

Here is what Amazon had to say:
Trevor Benson never intended to move back to New Bern, North Carolina. But when a mortar blast outside the hospital where he worked as an orthopedic surgeon sent him home from Afghanistan with devastating injuries, the dilapidated cabin he’d inherited from his grandfather seemed as good a place to regroup as any. 

Tending to his grandfather’s beloved beehives while gearing up for a second stint in medical school, Trevor isn’t prepared to fall in love with a local…and yet, from their very first encounter, Trevor feels a connection with Deputy Sheriff Natalie Masterson that he can’t ignore. But even as she seems to reciprocate his feelings, she remains frustratingly distant, making Trevor wonder what she’s hiding. 

Further complicating his stay in New Bern is the presence of a sullen teenage girl, Callie, who lives in the trailer park down the road. Trevor hopes Callie can shed light on the mysterious circumstances of his grandfather’s death, but she offers few clues – until a crisis triggers a race to uncover the true nature of Callie’s past, one more intertwined with the elderly man’s passing than Trevor could ever have imagined. 

In his quest to unravel Natalie and Callie’s secrets, Trevor will learn the true meaning of love and forgiveness…and that in life, to move forward, we must often return to the place where it all began.”

Amazon readers gave the book 4.6 stars.  I’d say 4.2.  If you like this style of book, you’ll likely love this…I like books that are a little less predictable.  Will I read a Nicholas Sparks book again.  YES, for sure.  This one just didn’t catch with as much as others have.

You can find the book on Amazon HERE.

5 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: The Return”

  1. I am listening to this book right now on YouTube. So far, so good, but, I’m not too far in. Will let you know when I’m done listening.

  2. I’m with ChristieB. Also just started reading “the return”. Nicholas Sparks are relaxing for the brain – like Hallmark movies. I especially enjoy visualizing his book settings.

  3. Reading the review jarred my memory to a book I read and loved a couple of years back: How the Light Gets In, by Jolina Petersheim. Young author, extremely well written. Gave copies to my daughters for Christmas this year. You might like it, too!?

  4. I’m on page 206 of the Return. Love his books,but having a hard time with this one. Hoping the second half is better.

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